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Mar 25, 2012 08:20 PM

Italian Restaurant?

It's been open for a while now and unless I've missed it no one has commented. I have not been there yet. C'mon, chounds! Speak up! Is it good? Is the emperor wearing a toga or less than that?

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  1. And exactly WHICH Italian restaurant, are you referring to?


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    1. re: Bill Hunt

      Are you being coy, Bill? :-)

      Bianco's "Italian Restaurant," of course.

      (If he's trying to make it impossible to do a web search for his restaurant, mission accomplished, BTW.)

      1. re: Dmnkly

        My mom went there and said she wasn't blown away but it was pretty good. I didn't get any other details unfortunately. Planning to give it a try in a couple weeks.

        Off topic but do restaurants ever think of that when they name a place "brunch" or "italian restaurant"?

        1. re: PHXeater

          Yes, your Mom's review pretty much sums up all of Bianco's restos without calling them "overrated" which they all are...

          Not much trademarkability or brand distincitveness when someone uses a generic term like "Brunch" for a restaurant name. Although, you have to admit,all it takes is a little tweak to discover some distinctiveness....Delux, Over Easy, Humble Pie...

        2. re: Dmnkly

          Sorry. I had not picked up on that.

          Thank you,


          1. re: Bill Hunt

            Wasn't trying to beat you up... just couldn't tell if that was an intentional shot at the name or not :-)

      2. Just read that Bianco was considering the name Fenicee (phen-ee-chee). That is Italian for Phoenix, and also the name of an Opera House in Venice. He said people didn't get it, and thought the name might be misleading.

        Of course, starting with the name "Italian Restaurant" makes it very easy to add something later, which makes it unique "ie. Bianco's Italian Restaurant".

        So, anyone know what the wait is like for lunch? We are going there today (we are suckers for anything Bianco does - and very much looking forward to this). Having been to his other establishments many times, I think I have a pretty good idea of what to expect.

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        1. re: Booger

          To report back:

          I thought it was pretty great. It felt very checkered tablecloth Italian, and the food was wonderful.

          We had the "hits" - which included a side of meatballs, the bread ($2 is a steal - Bianco knows bread, that is for sure). a Rigatoni, and a sausage sandwich.

          The only miss was the sandwich - it was good (with Schreiners sausage), but probably not something I would order again.

          They do have a meatball sandwich, which I think would be really, really amazing (they are fantastic).

          We did not wait, and there were other tables available (meaning, I kind of doubt there is ever a wait for lunch). I think the summer might be harder, since their huge patio will be closed.

          We paid around $30 for 2, without drinks, which I think is reasonable. Also, I would say the portions were not small (I was worried from some other reviews). I definitely thought it was a good value. I think the dinner menu is basically the same price, which is especially a good value.

          I thought Italian Restaurant was pretty great.

          1. re: Booger

            La Fenice? That would've been rather nice, actually. 'Course, it could be argued that that's inviting all kinds of bad mojo. Keep the fire insurance paid.

          2. The original comment has been removed