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Mar 25, 2012 07:35 PM

Dinner Rec w/Good Vegetarian Option

Looking for a restaurant rec for dinner with friends, one of whom is a vegetarian. Thought about the Smoking Goat or FarmHouse Cafe but menus aren't showing much in the way of choices for a vegetarian.

Mid-price range, Hillcrest, Bankers Hill, North/South Park, Downtown, probably not La Jolla and points north. Major kudos if anyone comes up with an East County rec that isn't Terra or Gingham. Most of the usual suspects are in the "been there/done that" category. Looking for something new and different. Leaning towards Starlight right now, although it was rather underwhelming the last time I ate there.

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  1. Urban Solace, Linkery, Alchemy ? All three have good vegetarian options

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      We've been to all 3 multiple times

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        Cucina Urbana and JSix are two other good options

    2. Hmmm...Sea Rocket? There is a new Mediterranean place on Main in El Cajon called Mezza. I have not been there but it looks like they are trying to be slightly higher end.

      1. Sultan and Ali Baba both have a selection of tasty vegetarian options.

        1. Just how "new and different" are you willing to go - would Muzita work or is it too exotic?

          1. Second to The Linkery, always good vegetable selections. You didn't say what you're spec was on ambiance but Tender Greens in Liberty Station is A+ on organic, locavore ingredients with excellent vegetarian options. In addition to the steak, chicken, and tuna entrees they have a rotating dinner special every evening with their "Meatless Monday" special being vegetarian. An improved wine section in recent months and excellent desserts.