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Mar 25, 2012 06:28 PM

Dining near Kyoto Grand Hotel in LA

I am looking for recommendations for memorable dining near this hotel. Also keen on fantastic deserts or a bakery in walking distance.

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  1. Lazy Ox is good.
    Sushi Gen is pretty good.
    The Spice Table is decent.
    There are a few other decent sushi places (Hama, Sushi Go 55, etc.).

    If you want to go on a longer walk (maybe 15 minutes), Wurstkuche is good for beers, sausages, and fries. And with an even longer walk (maybe 20-25 minutes), Drago Centro and Water Grill are the best restaurants in downtown LA in my opinion.

    For Japanese sweet treats, Fugestu Do is good. There's also a good mochi ice cream place in the courtyard area.

    1. I'd put Spice Table #1. For me, Lazy Ox has been mediocre on all 6-7 visits. It's good for beer
      and fried pig ears. The food is nothing special.

      After Lazy Ox I would pick Kagaya for shabu shabu.

      Link to a nice Spice Table thread with photos:

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        Concur with Porthos on this. We're eating in Little Tokyo almost twice per week right now.

        Give Perfecto some time at Lazy Ox and see what he can do. That's not going to be an overnight turnaround, but I've heard good things about his Paella nights.

        Kagaya is other worldly and very Japanese.
        Spice Table is great.
        We love, love, love Pie Hole and Wurstkuche.
        Though I believe Demitasse is earnest and the best coffee in LT, I do not think it is on the same level as Handsome, La Mill, Intelli, etc. They have great beans, but the magic is in the brewer/barista.
        Your staying in a culinary hot spot. Congratulations!

      2. For desserts/bakeries, try the spirulina and chestnut rolls or green tea doughnuts at Cafe Dulce in Little Tokyo or mini sweet and savory pies at Pie Hole (opposite Wurstkuche). If you are willing to venture downtown, I've been enjoying the scones at M F Gourmet, the new bakery inside Grand Central Market.

        1. Across the street from the Kyoto Grand is Cafe Demitasse, which I highly recommend for delicious coffee. They also carry pastries from Jin Patisserie and chocolates from a local chocolatier. In the neighboring Weller Court is a Marukai (Japanese supermarket) which carries desserts from Mammoth Bakery, including delicious Japanese-style tiramisu and egg custard puddings. If you like spicy, I'd recommend Chin Ma Ya on the 2nd floor of this plaza, which serves an interesting sesame-chili ramen.

          I'd also recommend Spice Table for their bahn mi at lunch. Hama Sushi has great fish and is just a sushi bar (only 2 tiny tables, all other seats are at the bar). At the Woori Market building, there's a 'Lette which sells French macarons. Next to that is a Beard Papa's, if you like large custard-filled cream puffs. On the 3rd floor of this building is Honda-Ya, which serves great izakaya food.

          Going towards central downtown, there's Big Man Bakes, which I like for their moist and tasty mini-cupcakes. Across the street from that you've got Baco Mercat with some really flavorful food (I like the original baco - pork belly & beef carnitas!).

          1. Frances Bakery in Honda Plaza on 2nd & Central has a deliciously light souffle cheesecake, and lots of macarons.