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Mar 25, 2012 06:13 PM

need gnocchi yyc

got a serious craving lately so on the hunt i go ,any tips would be great for calgary as its the closest to me (out of towner).ne or se preferable but hey beggers/chosers thing ya to good store bought stuff as well, thanks .

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  1. I had some great gnocchi at Bonterra on 8th st and 10th ave sw. I'm not a pasta expert though!

    1. I wasn't clear if you wanted to buy to cook at home or eat out? Eating out..I personally love Vero Bistro, in Kensington, for their sweet potato gnocchi with sage boar bacon, gorgonzola and walnuts. It's more of an appetizer serving or side with some of the mains. But so delicious!

      1. +1 for Vero Bistro. I had it the first time I was there and it was VERY VERY good.

        1. You can buy all types of gnocchi at The Italian store. It is Scarpone's brand. We recently had the truffle flavoured one with porcini mushroom sauce and it was out of this world.
          When I found this store, I was so excited I almost cried :)

          1. I also just had some delicious baby gnocchi at the The Phoenix Grill. It had a burned butter sage sauce and other stuff, obviously can't remember because it was insignificant. I remember there being two sauces that didn't really mesh together at all. I hate it when a dish is too complicated, keep them simple and don't try too hard Calgary chefs!