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Mar 25, 2012 05:24 PM

What was the pressure cooker used by Ming Tsai?

Yesterday, I saw an episode of "Ming's Table" In which he and his father both made dishes in pressure cookers. The pressure cooker lids had a central knob that seemed to activate two clutches around the outside with just a downward push. The knobs had colored plastic on them - one was avocado, the other orange. The handles were substantial, and I thought they were from OXO. I cannot find them on the internet, and ask for help finding the manufacturer. The size looked like 8 Quart, but I could be wrong. Thanks.

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  1. It may have been the Fagor Pressure Magic. Here is a link.


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      no, it is a T-fal (TEFAL) Clipso Pressure Cooker.
      They are not available in the US yet. I think Mexico and some European countries have it.
      I hope they come here soon. Here is a link:

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        Amazon.uk sells it (100 pounds, not sure if they'll ship this to North America, though.

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          I think the T-fal Clipso must have been sold in the US in the past, because they come up on US eBay fairly regularly. If you like that style, don't have to have the absolute latest model, and are not averse to buying on eBay, just keep checking the listings. Not sure if these reach the US standard of 15 lbs pressure or use the common European level of slightly under 12 lbs (80 kpa).

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            julay9, Thanks. I just noodled around the net till I found something that matched the description but it definitely did not match the color scheme described.

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              I just caught a show where he and his parents made Coq au Vin and Red Cooked Duck in the pressure cookers you're describing. The plastic parts were very bright colored as you said. I've been Googling around but have not been able to find the same thing either.

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                  I haven't seen the Ming Tsai program, but Tefal makes a Jamie Oliver Clipso model with orange knob and handles; perhaps that what he used. It may be sold only in the UK:


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                    Neither your link nor drongo's is what he was using. His units had two brightly colored plastic parts, BOTH on the top of the unit. One piece he twisted to a setting he said was "2". Seems like an email to Ming's site is on the horizon.

            2. So I just got an email back from the people at Ming East West's PR company.

              The specific pressure cookers used on that show were indeed T-Fal BUT they are not yet available in the US, as julay9 said. T-fal recommended the following as a substitute: http://www.hsn.com/kitchen-dining/ing...

              It's currently out of stock at FSN, but I did find it at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004J6GO6U/r...

              Here it is on the T-Fal Mexico site: http://www.t-fal.com.mx/All+Products/...

              This model looks to be pretty close but it's a little hard to be certain. I don't recall the handle being brightly colored and thought there were two colored controls on top????

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                Midlife, if the "Clipso One" cooker is available in Mexico, maybe you can get a friend in Texas to scoot over the border and pick one up for you! It's apparently available in Australia too, but with white knobs instead of orange ones:


                Seems to me that if the Clipso One appeals to you because of its one-handed locking system and/or its two short handles, the Ingrid Hoffman model wouldn't be an acceptable substitute.

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                  Thanks for the suggestion. I live in SoCal, so I could see if they're available in Tijuana, which would be something I could accomplish on my own.

                  But the kids got me a Fagor Futuro for Fathers Day. It seems to be similar in design to the T-Fal, although quite a bit pricier.:


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                    What a great gift! You obviously raised those kids right. ;-) The Fagor Futuro is a very nice pressure cooker, and certainly as well made as the elusive Tefal Clipso One. By the way, if the Clipso One were actually available in the US, it would probably cost as much as --or more than--the Futuro, since both of them are manufactured in Western Europe of comparable materials. The T-Fal Ingrid Hoffman cooker is manufactured in China, which is one reason for its lower price.