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Mar 25, 2012 03:36 PM

Need Chinese cream cake (NOT w/fruit) source or recipe

Just enjoyed a simple, but very tasty vanilla cake at an international buffet (Security Square, Woodlawn, MD) . The manager called it a Chinese Cream Cake, bought at a Chinese bakery, but didn't know name. It did NOT have fruit or whipped cream. Simply a very tasty vanilla cake with about a 1/4 inch cream top BAKED with the cake. Looked like a 9" cheese case, but wasn't cheesy or dense. Light, simple yummy. Never seen anything like it. So far I can't find a recipe or a source to buy. Help. Lindahys

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  1. Huh. We have lots of those Chinese bakeries in Boston--making huge varieties of Western style cakes, cookies and breads--but I can't think of a single one in the greater DC area,and I've been eating Chinese food there since the mid-90s. The obvious place would be Chinatown, but DC didn't have much of a Chinatown even when I lived there.

    I do have to wonder where those places get their recipes.

    1. Linda:

      I'd start my search at Maria's Bakery in Rockville. This is both a Chinese bakery and small restaurant with a modest cake selection. It's at 1701 Rockville Pike, behind the REI store. Asian Bakery at 763 Hungerford Drive. (also in Rockville) is also worth checking out.

      I'd also try the Korean bakery chains like Shilla, (2098 Veirs Mill Rd, Rockville).

      I hope this helps.

      1. I have found packaged Chinese patries at Japanese markets. Try Hinata Sushi Carryout which is also a grocer in Bethesda.

        1. Two Chinese bakeries in Rockville are: One in the mall a few doors from China Bistro. Cantonese styled but you may find some cakes. The other one in the supermarket mall on the other side of the China Bistro, next to the Hungerford Drive Mama Wok. More likely to find that there. Other than that, bakeries are found in some of the larger Chinese supermarkets.

          1. Good information, guys, thanks. Does anyone know of any good Chinese bakery sources around the Columbia, Ellicott City area?