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Mar 25, 2012 03:10 PM

Need an Easy Baked Pesach Chicken recipe

I will be making two seders in a condo in Miami. I will have very limited Pesach cooking supplies/utensils and would like to make two different chicken entrees- one for each night. I need to make the chicken in disposable aluminum foil pans and will only have a a mixing bowl, paring knife, small grater, measuring cup and spoon and the oven at my disposal (no food processor, broiling pan, or fleishig frying pan and spatula, etc). My soup pot is already going to be used for the soup. I will be making the std. apricot jam/onion soup/italian dressing recipe one night as it is a no-brainer. Would love another easy recipe, preferably with boneless chicken breasts.

There is a plethora of great Kosher takeout in Miami and will really be taking advantage of it for teh whole Chag, but I find re-heating prepared chicken isn't great, so would like to make the chicken.

Thanks so much in advance for some ideas.

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  1. Try using Gold's mild salsa, pour over the chicken and bake at 325 F for about 40 minutes. I also like to add some cut up yellow onions and red and green bell peppers to the mix.

    Stays moist and the only utensil you'll need is the paring knife.

    If you get adventuresome, you could make some meatballs to cook in the salsa with the chicken. Years ago, we used to make this with chicken necks, wings, legs and meatballs, the kids loved it. We'd make a separate pan with boneless breasts for the adults.

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      The salsa sounds great, especially with the veggies! It is almost like a cheater chicken cacciatore. Because I don't have a meat frying pan, I really need to use a sauce to immerse the boneless chicken in. A few years ago "at home" I made my own cranberry sauce and used orange juice instead of water, threw in some orange zest and sea salt and added caramelized onions and italian dressing and blanketed the chicken with this sauce. It was awesome. Problemis that in the Miami condo there is a profound lack of the Pesach "tools",

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        Your mention of cranberry reminds me of a recipe that I use sometimes. It takes 1 can of whole cranberry sauce, 1/4 cup chopped onions, 3/4 cup orange juice, 1/4 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp grd ginger, pepper to taste. Mix it up, pour it on the bird and voila! I think I may use a little more spice, but people seem to like it and it's about as easy as it gets. Another idea is I've used the Passover BBQ sauce, but it isn't like the stuff I use all year round and I had to doctor it up. (Can't remember what I did-did it on the fly)

    2. Chicken cutlets baked with matzoh crust is very good. I actually got the recipe from the Martha Stewart.com site.

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        I just came back from Kosher Kastle here in Monsey. We had curry chicken, and I guess that could be made for Passover.
        This version was not spicy, it had onions, green and red peppers and plenty of strips of chicken breast in a light curry sauce (light meaning color and not the thick kind) we had it with rice but you could have it over mashed potatoes, or the little ones. OR you could stuff it into the shell of a baked potatoe.

        The salsa chicken that was posted before me, I have done and it is delicious!

        Everyone these days uses cocoanut milk for everything. maybe chicken baked with cocoanut milk and spices or thai which would be peanut butter, thinned down with pineapple juicce and pineapple pieces, and red and/or green peppers.

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          This would depend totally on how strict one is about needing Passover certification on their foods. To my knowledge, there is no coconut milk with KFP certification. Curry is tricky; you can find a lot of the individual spices that go into curry powder, but if you are looking for a quick, easy way by using curry powder, you won't find it KFP. And peanut butter will not have any American hashgacha because of its kitniot status.

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            Thanks I did not know, but I do make almond butter for passover!


      2. My MIL makes a wonderful baked chicken using kosher l'pesach fruit preserves as a glaze/marinade. She's done it w/ orange and apricot and both turn out great!

        1. Slice a lemon and some garlic cloves very, very thinly, then work the slices underneath the skin of your chicken pieces. Lay the chicken on top of rosemary branches, and add salt, pepper, maybe some paprika, and roast as you would any other chicken recipe. This is especially nice if you happen to get your hands on a Mayer lemon, but regular lemons work too.

          1. 1 whole chicken
            Sea salt and pepper
            1 onion, halved (orange or lemon just as nice...preferably Meyer if GilaB is coming for dinner ;-)
            A couple sprigs of fresh rosemary
            1 tablespoon paprika

            Oven @ 400
            S&P the bird inside and out....stuff with onion and rosemary...rub outside with paprika
            Lay into large Brown PAPER Bag (KLP of course;)
            Place sideways on a large aluminum tin (18X13")
            Tie it closed and bake for 90 minutes 3-4lb bird

            Remember to ask for the bag when picking up your groceries in the first place...
            Crispiest skin ever, and it will hold out of the oven for a little while as well. Make sure that
            you place it on the bottom rack and that there is plenty of room from the top of the bag to the oven's ceiling.