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Mar 25, 2012 01:43 PM

Light desserts that are assembled rather than cooked and are pretty :) ?

Im making a somewhat labor intensive cake for a friends baby shower next week. Since im also doing drinks and decorations, I am trying to think of a light and pretty finger foodish dessert. My mind went to bananas. I'm sort of talking myself out of it now, knowing go hard it can be to find bananas at the right ripeness when I need them: BUT, thought I could cut up some bananas with something else, stick a toothpick in it and voila! Dessert, assembled rather than made .

I should mention there will be some other fruit salad in the pre dessert part of the party.

The other dessert is crazy chocolate-y so looking for something that isnt ├╝ber sweeT- again, talking myself out or bananas...:)

Any assembled, not cooked desserts that are somewhat light and good looking "recipes" welcome!

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Haven't made these for a long time, but used to use chunks of bananas, rolled in sour cream, then rolled in shredded coconut. They may sound odd, but are really delicious. They can also be used on a small bamboo skewer with a whole strawberry and a chunk of melon... a plate of these fruit skewers are pretty and festive, garnished with a bouquet of fresh mint and a few daisies.

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      that sounds beautiful! i am a huge fan of sour cream and coconut.

      Unfortunately, one of the other desserts I am making is a sour cream chocolate chip coffee cake (smitten kitchens)! so the two together may be sour cream overload!!

      I may use the mint/ daisy garnish idea regardless, though. Thanks!

    2. Maybe too much chocolate, but what about ripe strawberries and grapes dipped in bittersweet chocolate?

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        Too much chocolate? Not possible!

      2. Since there is already cake and fruit, how about a cheese plate? Include some dates, apricots, nuts. And a drizzle of honey.

        1. Strawberries with sweetened whipped cream. You can add whatever flavoring you think would be good!

          Or, strawberries dusted with dark brown sugar, topped with heavy cream.

          1. i agree with firecooked - a cheese plate is always a welcome addition to the party...particularly when the menu is heavy on the sweets. and it provides an option for people who don't want the sugary stuff.

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              Ghealthgormet- I would prefer to do cheese but i think i am the one who will enjoy that most of this particular crowd. Out of curiosity, what are your go-to dessert cheeses?

              Other dishes being served: scones, ricotta crostini with figs and honey, fruit salad of some sort, veggie salad of some sort.

              Just found recipe for blueberry and pretzel clusters cocered with chocolate. May do white chocolate and see if it's prettier. Love that sweet salty combo, plus she's a big pretzel fan.

              1. re: arugala

                ah, i was avoiding chocolate suggestions since you mentioned something "crazy chocolate-y" in your OP, but my first thoughts had actually been white and dark chocolate-dipped pretzels (either rods or braids), and truffles served in mini foil cups.

                i'm a cheese freak, and i happen to love the strong & stinky varieties. but when serving to a group i tend to stick with milder ones as they're potentially less "offensive" to some ;) i like to serve a range of cheeses with flavors from sweet to sharp/savory (usually a few different milk types), and a variety of textures (creamy, semi-soft and hard).