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Mar 25, 2012 01:04 PM

Elevation Burger -- Carlsbad?

Anyone been yet? There was a bit of a buzz a year ago or so about these grass-fed burger guys coming to town, but haven't heard a peep since.

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  1. I've been there and I really liked it. I just didn't like the location. Personally I thought it was better than In-N-Out.

    Here's what I thought of the vegan burger:
    While eating at burger places for the next iteration of the burger shootout, I happened to hear about a new place that had opened called Elevation Burger. I tried to do some investigation, but I was ultimately unable to decipher if it should have fit in the fast food category or casual dining.
    Upon visiting, the restaurant is clearly in the same vein as Five Guys and belongs in the fast food category, so I went ahead and added Elevation Burger to the Fast Food Burger Shootout. For a complete review of Elevation Burgers organic, grass fed, free range double beef burger, please refer to the shootout.
    One interesting thing I did notice at Elevation Burger was that they were also serving both vegetarian and vegan burgers. We asked the cashier about the vegan burger and decide to get one to go with the beef burger as well.
    The veggie patty is made on premises and seems to be a blend of rice, corn, green and red bell peppers, onions, carrots, and bread crumbs. The patty was surprisingly moist and very flavorful. One impressive part of the veggie patty was that it knew it was not going to simulate beef, so it didn't try to; instead the patty focused on delivering a nice blend of chopped vegetables to give its own unique flavor.
    The vegan burger was also surprisingly light on oil and there was virtually no grease.

    It was refreshing to see that a burger restaurant can offer vegetarian and vegan burgers that are also compelling in taste and flavor. As the new winner of the Fast Food Burger Shootout, Elevation Burger definitely deserves a kilobit award.

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    1. re: karaethon

      "I thought it was better than In-N-Out" - Not sure if this is agreat endorsement. In-n-Out is a lousy fastfood burger with horrible meat quality, not much better than McD. Only Animal style makes the beef edible, which means that you are paying to enjoy pretty much salad dressing

      1. re: honkman

        I put Elevation Burger in the same level as Five Guys, In-N-Out, and every other burger at that level.

        If you go to a restaurant like cowboy star and order the burger, then yes that burger is probably much better, but you would pay more at the restaurant and spend more time waiting than at Elevation Burger.

        If you want a more direct comparison, I went to The Counter right after Elevation burger and the Elevation Burger was easily better than the burger from The Counter (and less expensive as well)

        1. re: karaethon

          I don't think the location/level of a restaurant is important of the quality of food but the quality of the ingredients. Elevation Burger claims to use organic, grass-fed beef whereas a chain like In-n-Out uses low quality Harris Beef. If you feel that there is no significant difference between Elevation Burger and In-n-Out in terms of the final product than I would assume that Elevation Burger has serious quality/performance issues as normally a grass-fed burger is significantly better than any fastfood chain burger. It should at least compete with Burger Lounge in terms of quality and Burger Lounge is on a significant better quality/taste level than any fastfood chain burger as In-n-Out.

          1. re: honkman

            I would say that overall, the Burger Lounge burger is greater in overall taste/satisfaction than Elevation burger (as can be expected). However, Elevation Burger has a better taste/dollar ratio than Burger Lounge. In short, I do think Elevation Burger "competes" with Burger Lounge.

            When compared to In-N-Out, Elevation Burger has a greater overall taste/satisfaction ratio and also a better taste/dollar ratio (but the lead here may be minor compared to a decent sized lead over burger lounge).

            To round it out, I'd say that for me, In-N-Out has a better taste/dollar ratio than Burger Lounge, so I am more inclined to visit In-N-Out than burger lounge.

    2. I just went to their location in Bahrain the other day and found it to be the best burger I've had in the region (not that that's saying much) and it was nice to actually get some grass-fed beef. Anywho, good burger and worth trying but I wouldn't go too far out of your way for it. I agree with the sentiments of it being a notch up from In-N-Out and Five Guys. Trying to remember how I would compare it to Burger Lounge and I think I'd put it on a close level to that.