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Mar 25, 2012 12:52 PM

Billy's Glendale

I've eaten here a handful of times over the years and, while never being blown away, found it okay for a decent pastrami on rye when I didn't feel like making the trip to Langer's or Brent's. Went in on Thursday and ordered my usual - pastrami on rye with fries well done.

Let me just say that this will be my last visit to Billy's.

The pastrami was tasteless save for an off-putting sweetness and the bread was mushy, like something from a cut-rate grocery store. The fries, which are usually cooked to my liking, where flaccid and pale. All that for $16 plus tip.

Has anyone else noticed a marked decrease in quality?

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  1. Never been a really big fan of Billy's.

    Have you tried Rayhun's right down the street? Tried it recently and was pleasantly surprised.

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      Never heard of it until your post. Thanks. I'll give it a try!