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Mar 25, 2012 12:42 PM

Two Part Chicago Visit in April

Hi Fellow Chowhounders!

I am coming from Toronto for nearly a week and am visiting with two seperate groups, The first is my active, sixty-something mother who is currently revisiting her hippy roots and is vegan, but might be tempted a little on vacation. The second group are some urban planning graduate students, so cheap and cheerful might be in order.

We are staying by "Miracle Mile" - sorry my geography is a little off. With my mom we have a transit pass and would be willing travel.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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  1. Hi! It is the Magnificent Mile not Miracle. Just so you don't get lost!

    Public transporation here is as easy as it is in Toronto. You will find cheaper options out of the main tourist area.

    I really like Handlebar for veggie/vegan food and I'm not either one. I would check out one of our pizza places for the grad students (Pizano's is my favorite). Purple Pig on Michigan Ave for some small plate sharing. Not so much for your vegan mom since it is pork-centric.

    1. I think your Mom would enjoy Mana Food bar for veggie fare and a cool vibe.
      Just a few blocks from the Division and Ashland stop on the Blue Line train.

      1. I think your mom would get a kick out of Uncommon Ground on Clark, which has received all kinds of sustainability awards and has a nice vibe:

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          Green Zebra is veg and vegan-friendly, and a bit more sophisticated than some of the other suggestions, so maybe mom willl treat in appreciation of your research. For your student group, Cafe Iberico is a very popular tapas place and cheaper than most. In fact, it reminds me of how I imagine a college dorm cafeteria in Spain would look.

        2. Thanks for the suggestions - and the geography lesson :)