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Mar 25, 2012 12:38 PM

ny chounder visits midwood smokehouse and thai house university area (Charlotte)

Had read good reviews about midwood in charlotte, drove over after around 9 on a sunday, ordered a large fatty brisket, hush puppies and smoked poppers. The brisket was very good, with good smoke flavor and rub but fall apart overdone. Still, had a nice taste. The hush puppies were hot, light but a little lacking the corn flavor I associate with great hush puppies. The poppers were double smoked jalpenos, Monterrey jack and bacon, crisped under a broiler before serving. They were very good, would have liked a little more crispness in the bacon but I would definitely order them again.

Second visit I tried the pulled pork and beans. The pork was pulled (as opposed to chopped), really nicely smoked with nice pieces of bark. Unfortunately, the whole portion was terribly over salted. Not sure why anyone would put that much (or any) salt on pulled pork, it must have been added after it was pulled and smoked. The beans were delicious.

On the whole, this place could be great as they're cooking on hickory and they are pretty close to great on the pork and brisket. I may have just hit them on a bad night for the pork, perhaps a mistake in the kitchen and I got there late in the day for the brisket. Also, I've had very different brisket at other restaurants, day to day, even flat to flat. The service was friendly, efficient and I liked sitting outside on the side street.

Also went to thai house in the university area. Really good satays, huge, creamy fried tofu appetizer and good curries (red and panang). I didn't love the stir fried dish I tried but I think if you stick to curry here, you're going to be happy.

Finally, had prices chicken and lex #1 bbq but don't have much to add that hasn't already been said. I've been to both places many times, I learned that you can get extra hush puppies instead of a roll for the prices chicken dinner. Also, the area around prices feels a little less deserted than when I first started going there, there's definitely more restaurants and shops now.

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  1. Hmmmm...odd about the pork. The stuff I sampled wasn't salty at all. Hopefully it was just a mistake in the kitchen.

    I will say that our server was really awesome -- when a friend debated about the pork vs. cuban sandwich, the server offered to bring him the other dish if he wasn't satisfied with his choice. That said, I'm sure if you mentioned the saltiness, they would have made it right.

    1. I, too, had an experience at Midwood Smoke house where the pork and the chicken wings were waaaay over-salted. It was not quite to the point of being inedible for me, but it was for my fiance. I've eaten there numerous times, however, and while I I always find the food salty (and usually not in a bad way), it's never been as salty as that one time.

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        exactly, it was on the edge of being inedible and, as HD suggests, I thought about and probably should have sent it back to the kitchen. How do you like the wings there?