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Mar 25, 2012 12:30 PM

Where to eat near the Jacksonville Hyatt Regency Riverfront


I will be attending a conference in mid-May at the Hyatt Regency and welcome all types of eating suggestions. Also looking for a place that we can take approximately 25 people to for dinner.


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  1. Downtown: Indochine (Thai, full service), Burrito Gallery (Tex-Mex, fast-casual)
    Southbank/San Marco: bb's, Bistro Aix, Taverna (all full service); also Ruth's Chris

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    1. re: jaxdiningnews

      Thanks - can BB's or Taverna host a large group? Any that are your particular favorites

      1. re: matika

        Try Chew.
        You can walk there easily.
        Great food and wine list.
        Their pasta carbonara is fabulous.

        1. re: matika

          Unfortunately, BB's is too loud. Neither has a private room (that I can recall), but Taverna has two distinct areas. Bistro Aix on the other hand DOES have a separate space, capable of hosting 25 or so.