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Mar 25, 2012 11:36 AM

Desert Hot Springs suggestions sought

I'm pretty familiar with PS, but have decided to branch out and stay a couple of nights at the El Morocco in Desert Hot Springs.

Any recommendations for chow-worthy, or at least decent, places for meals. I'm not concerned about price (low or high) or style. I would just like to eat good food without having to drive down to Palm Springs.


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  1. I now know that there was no reply because there was no possible reply in the affirmative. DHS seems to be a food wasteland. Bring your own cold picnic to eat by the pool, or drive to Palm Springs.

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    1. A couple of local places so you don't have to drive into PS after soaking. Capri is an Italian/steak house, not great decor, had a good burger there and they serve cocktails. Can't vouch for the Italian. Casa Blanca for Mexican is also decent for DHS. On another level, I really enjoy the restaurant at the Desert Hot Springs and Spa motel for breakfast, it gets crowded, but the eggs and trimmings are all cooked to order, and if you are inclined, they serve bloody marys and other imbidings early, and late. All these places are funky, but so is DHS. The natural hot water is divine though.

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        Thanks GW. The night was a little too chilly for my wife, but the Dillon Roadhouse looked like a solid place for beer and beer food.