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Mar 25, 2012 09:37 AM

Recommendations needed for Boston visit with sophisticated 10 year old eater

My daughter and I are going to be staying in Harvard Square this week. She's a pretty sophisticated eater and loves lots of different kinds of cuisines, especially Italian. I'm trying to avoid standard "kid food" places and but am cash strapped. We're willing to travel anywhere in Boston for a good inexpensive meal so recommendations don't have to be in or near Harvard Square. Your thoughts and help are appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. I myself haven't been for awhile, but I'd recommend the old Sears building in Porter Sq. You'll find some Japanese noodle restaurants. Also in Porter Sq, there is a Thai restaurant, I can't recall the name. It's very good, not expensive. Heading out on Mass Ave, after Porter Sq, is Greek Corner restaurant. Also not expensive.
    I haven't been to Wagamama in Harvard Sq. It's a British chain, noodle soups I think. In Central Sq, there is Mary Chung, and Veggie Galaxy.

    1. There have been a couple good threads similar to this recently, but it's a little hard to search for them. Did someone do a food crawl with kids recently and ask for suggestions for another?

      Regardless, here are a couple:

      Not Italian, but I'd try to get to Courthouse Fish market and do dim sum in Chinatown (Hei La Moon is my pref) if you don't get that at home.

      1. The obvious choice for good and relatively inexpensive Italian is the North End. Some of the more moderately priced places which I love are Cafe Pompeii (for breakfast, lunch or dinner) and my new favorite place to have lunch ... Pagliuca's on Parmenter St. in the North End. Nice variety of Italian cuisine which goes beyond the typical red sauce dishes and all moderately priced. I had a chicken dish there recently that was so delicious that while I was eating it, I was working out in my mind when I could order it again.

        1. Muqueca's in Cambridge - great fish stews

          Little Q Hot Pot just up the road a bit in Arlington.. fun meal.. and the mala broth is really tasty hot..

          I'd avoid Wagamama.. nothing memorable. Quindao Garden up in North Cambridge is fun, but not the most elegant seating. Good food though.

          Dosa Factory in Central Square gets some good press - its in the back of an Indian market.

          1. If she is adventurous, try the Kebab Factory just over the Somerville line for it's very good and very inexpensive Indian buffet lunch, Casa Portugal in Inman Square for an introduction to portuguese food, Court House Square for good and well-priced seafood, East Coast Grill and All Star Sandwich bar and Christina's Ice Cream in Inman and, for hole-in-the wall very good Italian Basta Pasta off Central Square on Western Avenue. Cafe Baraka on Pearl Street in Central Square for inexpensive Tunisian/Moroccan style cuisine.