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Mar 25, 2012 08:35 AM

Recommendations around Breaux Bridge/New Iberia/Abbeville ?

While March Madness culminates in NOLA next weekend, we're going to spend a few days around Breaux Bridge / New Iberia / Abbeville. Does anyone have recommendations of authentic cajun eating places to visit (and to avoid) in that area or on route?

Thanks so much,

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  1. Cafe Des Amis and Pouche Market. Robin's and Pat's Fishermen's Wharf in Henderson. Enjoy your visit.

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      Thanks! I had heard Cafe Des Amis had gone down hill. Guess not.

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        Take a look at the thread's listed at the bottom of this one for more info. Enjoy your trip.

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          I wa at Cafe des Amis with friends en route to the Latian new Year in 2011. It was decent but I don't think of it as worth a special trip. I liked it better before the fire adn that was YEARS ago.

      2. In case you missed my post in the Central South thread for non-New Orleans Louisiana.

        Anthony Bourdain recently visited the Cajun area and had lunch at Glenda's Creole Kitchen in Breaux Bridge. He had stuffed turkey wings and some kind of okra dish. Smothered okra, I believe. Poche's in Breaux Bridge is also a good lunch place. Cafe des Amis is a bit touristy. If you want the music experience in Breaux Bridge I highly recommend La Poussiere, one of the last authentic Cajun dancehalls. Open on Fridays-Sundays only.

        Just east of Breaux Bridge along I-10 is Henderson, home of Pat's Waterfront Restaurant. Great crawfish etouffee, done camp style (coarsely chopped onions and green peppers). Also an authentic okra and shrimp gumbo. If you have never had this, or only had a New Orleans variation of okra gumbo, know that in Cajun land this is cooked without a roux. I should say, the okra is cooked so long it browns somewhat and breaks down and becomes the thickening agent. This is home style food! For music, Henderson has Angelle's Whiskey River Landing along the levee for Cajun or Zydeco music on weekends (really hopping!) and McGee's Restaurant, pretty quiet.

        Just south of Lafayette is Maurice, home of Hebert's Specialty Meats and Soops Restaurant (same family) next door. Andrew Zimmern featured their turducken on an episode of Bizzare Foods, but he surely missed out if he didn't order from the regular menu. Their seafood gumbo is excellent, very dark roux! One of their lunch specials is catfish courtbouillon with rice and some pieces of fried catfish. Excellent. They are also good for fried chicken and rice dressing, or rice and gravy day.

        In Lafayette there are some touristy places, but locals like Poor Boy'Riverside Inn on the side of town going to Broussard, in an industrial area. The duck and andouille gumbo or the chicken and sausage gumbo are really satisfying! Lafayette has a few more upscale places like Cafe Vermilionville and Charley G's. Check them out too. Vermilionville, the Acadian historical village park, has really good chicken and sausage gumbo on its lunch menu.

        I would have to say that the places in Abbeville for oysters have gone downhill since the BP oil spill, unfortunately, but Abbeville is a popular destination for boiled crawfish at Cajun Claws on Charity Street. Richard's Seafood Patio is also a tradition.

        This link is good for reviews of places with boudin.
        I like NuNu's in Milton and Maurice and Johnson's Boucaniere in Lafayette, but some swear by T-Boys in Mamou, Billy's Boudin and Cracklin in Opelousas. Opelousas also has the Palace Cafe by the Court House for lunch.

        Good luck!

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          Pat's (Fisherman's Wharf ) Restaurant gets hit a lot but I think that is because he has been The Big Dog for so long. The new joint is kitschy but the camp etouffee is good stuff. Salads are dismal but then I don't eat salads much outside New Orleans. They are not a long suit in Acadiana.

          Cafe Vermillionville has an excellent turtle soup. That's all I get there, though.

          I also like Webster's MArket in Cecilia for boudin.

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            I've has some of the best oysters in recent memory at Shucks in Abbeville this year.

            Cajun Claws has the best crawfish in the area, IMHO. Do expect a significant wait on weekends, however. Richard's and Big John's (in Erath) are suitable replacements.

            Dupuy's is a good option for cajun/seafood. Thay also recently added a large bar.

            Clementine's is the best place in New Iberia, though it is pretty hit-or-miss. Kinda pricey for small town eats as well.

            Bon Creole has excellent over-stuffed poboys.

            1. re: BayouTeche

              Shucks oysters were great when I had last them in April of 2011. Too bad Black's went to hell.

              I have not tried Clementine's and want to do so. For years I went to le Rosiere, across from Shadows,for lunch everytime I was in the area.

              Is T-Bob's still around? I know the one on Verot School Road closed years ago.

              1. re: hazelhurst

                Yeah, the oysters at Shucks were pretty good last year, but I've found them to be fantastic this year. I guess I've had 'em 6 or 8 times so far this year and they have yet to disappoint. Earlier in the season, David (the owner) told me they were getting them from Cameron. Haven't spoken to him lately, as to their providence.

                I haven't been to Clementine's since they changed chefs a couple months ago, so I need to get back there.

                I never got to Le Rosier in the Hallman Woods years, but in subsequent incarnations it was pretty good. On par with Clementine's.

                Not sure about the T-Bob's in Laffy. They still have one in New Iberia & Jeanerette.

                1. re: BayouTeche

                  Oh, when Hallman was running Le Rosier is was great. Hallman Jr was/is a whiz with soups and I gather he taught Hallman III 9where is he now) a lot. Junior was often meddling around in the kitchen. I loved the place.

                  The best oysters I've had this year---and they are some of the prettiest I've seen in years---wwere at Parrain's in Baton Rouge. They were coming from a private bed in Zone three from something called Rock Hard Oyster. One of teh ownsers there told me they were the best looking oysters he's seen in thrity-something years in teh food business.

                  Thanks for the info on T-Bob's. I thought the NI might still be there.

                  1. re: hazelhurst

                    Hallman's the executive chef for Uncle's BBQ Sauce out of New Iberia (last I heard).

                    Shuck's has been the benchmark for oysters this year, easily topping any I've had in NOLA.

                    Oh, and yes! Shame about Black's.

                    1. re: BayouTeche

                      Those Exec. jobs like that are good, steady income without the hassle of running a restaurant. Can't blame him. Maybe he and Hallman jr and Mary Beth will get bored an open another spot.

                      I need to go to Lake Charles this oyster season and investigate the Cameron stock. But if you are going thru BR soon try the Parrain's stuff. Their chargrilled are not bad either.

                      I knew we were in trouble at Black's when it was cleaned up and the neon beer signs showed up.

        2. Thanks everyone - I am grateful and my mouth is watering just reading these recommendations.

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            To the OP.....if you're in New Iberia on a weekday, do yourself a favor and go an extra 15 minutes on 182 to Lejeune's Bakery in Jeanerette for a loaf of hot french bread. It'll be worth your time.

            1. re: BayouTeche

              That's excellent advice. I went all the time when I was working on a job down there some years ago,

          2. OK I'll wade in. I've never had a bad meal at Cafe des Amis in Breaux Bridge.In New Iberia I like the crawfish at Guiding Star the best. R & M boiling point also good. I like Bon Creole in N.I. for po boys and the like. As stated earlier, best crawfish in the Abbeville area is at Cajun Claws. I think Richard's is a close second. Good crawfish at John's Seafood Patio in Erath. I'll second the oysters at DuPuy's and Shucks in Abbeville. Ponce had some nice recs for boudin. I can't help but repat myself in these threads and say that IMHO Hawk's has the best crawfish in Acadiana. Bit of a drive from Lafayette but very worth it. I've been going to Hawk's for years and I have to give props to Cajun Claws for being almost as good as Hawk's. The best way to check would be to try an order at CC's (get there at 4:30-5) and then after a nice ride thru the country try an order at Hawk's. Oh my.

            1. I think that R&M Boiling Point may be one of the best 'hound finds I've encountered. I can't think of a better Cajun seafood boil. We ordered the shrimp boil expecting the usual, and instead got a huge platter of U8-U10 head-on shrimp that were awesome. The crabs are huge (we'd call them jumbos in Baltimore) and heavy.