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Thoughts on boston's CRUMBS Cupcakes

Hey Foodies...

I read recently that Crumbs Cupcakes opened one of their stores a few weeks back in the Financial District...(is that a strange location...i would think after 5 that area doesn't see much action?)
Anyway, I'm not too familiar with them, only that my NYC friends said they are good sized cupcakes, various flavors/toppings, but a bit over priced for the quality... didn't know if it would be worth the trip into that area some night... has anyone gone? Are there better cupcake bakeries around town that would be worth the drive in and the calories!!!

eat drink and be merry~
Thx :)

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  1. Not a shop but The Cupcakory Truck has the best cupcakes I've tasted in Boston. They are very moist and fresh, not a hint of a dry refrigerated texture that seems so common and she makes a great buttercream.

    They are not too big which is a plus for me. I love the Salted Caramel.


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      Wow!! I live up on the north shore so im sometimes out of the loop with you urban hounds! This truck looks like it could turn into a fun adventure one day when the weather starts really getting nice! Are they newer to boston area? I know food trucks around boston are starting to get very popular... Wasnt one on a foodnetwork competition? Anyway thanks for this cupcake tip!! That might be worth a trip ill have to check a website to see where they drive to

    2. I had a peanut butter cup one, which was very moist and the ganache was not too sweet. They are massive, the largest cupcake I've seen around these parts. I don't know that they are worth a special drive.

      That cupcakory sounds good - will need to check them out.

      1. have had them many times in NYC. They are big, and very good. They do interesting specials as well. I'd prefer 'em a bit smaller, but if I must eat a whole one I must!

        1. I wonder why of all the places... Crumbs picked federal st. as their first boston location...Why not go into Copley back bay area?!? Or even Fanuiel hall etc? Just curious...debating if and when i make a trip down that way... I'd have to make it worth my while and hit up another area close by

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            Tens of thousands of people walk by that location on their way home via South Station. "Gee, maybe I'll pick up some cupcakes for dessert tonight."

            Not to mention the hundred thousand+ workers in the Financial District, who might like a lunch/snack cupcake.

            Still think the location is questionable?

            1. re: Alcachofa

              Not to mention all the office birthdays...and baby showers...and bridal showers...and goodbye parties. We are always celebrating something in my office (which is right around the corner).

              Haven't tried Crumbs yet, but I suspect we will soon. I'm interested to see how they compare to our other local cupcake options (Sweet and Rosie's).

          2. FWIW, when I walked by last week there was a line out the door.

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              No lines so far this week. Shop closes at 7 pm and is closed on weekends.

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                Well, it's only Monday. It was also really cold today. They're going to be busy when it's nice out. Not as busy when it's cold. More or less the same as every place in the financial district

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                    I saw $3.95. They're the best I've had and they're huge. I love chocolate, but they might be a little too chocolate-centric for most.

                    1. re: Guinness02122

                      They should be huge at 800 or so calories a pop (according to the Boston Business Journal article).

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                      And normal humans should not eat an entire one. They are really cupckakes for two.

                      1. re: nsenada

                        ...good to know, i'll bring some friends and we can all sample each others cupcakes :P ...too bad they are not open on the weekends...and close early...traveling down from the North shore will def involve some planning

                    3. re: mkfisher

                      Lines out the door today at 3PM, and it's not exactly a fair-weather day.

                      1. re: Alcachofa

                        Well after doin some research on the Crumbs website i actually noticed the boston promo coupon expires tomorrow for a buy one get one...looks like i'm makin the trip in!! Perhaps if i get there by 11...I'll beat the lunch crowd and not have to wait in a line!! Wish me luck!! ...thx hounds... I'll report back how it works out!

                1. I still like Sweet the best. I've had Crumbs on the UWS in New York and found them to be a bit ovsersized and just o.k.

                  1. Walked by yesterday around 1:30 pm on the way to a egg/eggplant sandwich from the Clover Truck - place was packed to the gills and line out the door.

                    This morning, walking the same nabe, saw a woman with a six-pack of Crumbs.

                    Sounds like they gauged something correctly about the market needs in that area. Whether it's sustainable, guess time will tell.

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                      They have a promo coupon buy one get one cupcake and or the mini packs buy ine get one...the deal ends today!! im making the drive down from peabody...i do have an alteria motive for making the special trip...i need a gift card from there... Would have ordered it on line but refused to pay an additional 7.50 for a $15 g/c for standard ups delivery...not cool

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                        Packed this morning at 9. Some of their breakfasty items looked quite good. P.S. - that egg/eggplant sandwich is awesome, it's wormed its way into my top echelon.

                        1. re: nsenada

                          Ah, the coupon.

                          The e/e sandy is completely inedible in the standing position - a plate, knife, fork and napkin in the seated position is the only way.

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                            And still leaning in close, to contain the shrapnel. Re: cupcakes, I just got a bunch from Cakeology. Smaller size, but they look amazing. One has an entire cadbury cream egg jammed in the middle (though I usually don't go for cupcakes in which the frosting dwarfs the cake).

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                              I made it to CRUMBS... Arrived just before 1030...there was a line a few people deep from the door when i first got there, luckily better weather today knowing i was going to be there a while...the two people in front of me bailed after about 10min of waiting...indirectly i advanced forward...by 1045 i made it to the threshold and waited another 15min while the line snaked around to the pastry case...note everyone had a coupon in hand ready to go...self included. Which thx the food gods i did bc i got the taste pk buy one get one...which for 2 dozen mini cupcakes would have been $50 without it...they are really well decorated cupcakes and the full sized ones look worth their price at around $4 ... Getting the sample pack allows to try the most popular ones...will be interested to pass by come june to see if there will still be a line out the door...which there was even a longer line when i left at 11:10...

                              1. re: nsenada

                                The Cakeology cupcakes were, as appearances indicated, amazing. I have to say they were the best cupcakes I have ever had anywhere. One sort of common complaint I have about most of the other 5,000 cupcakeries around here is that while many taste great, they don't really taste any better than a good old homemade one, and many are just plain too sweet.

                                I had a Boston Creme, Cadbury egg, and red velvet cupcake (well, not whole ones) and they all were perfectly balanced in sweetness, and the cake had an intense buttery flavor and moist texture. I bought nine for about 30 bucks, but I have to say, they were worth every penny. Size-wise, they are more in line with Sweet or Treat, not the mega-sized Crumbs format. They also make custom full size cakes, which looked great.