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Mar 25, 2012 05:27 AM

Where to buy homemade pita

Hi- I live in North Quincy and was hoping to make some gyros---any idea on where I can purchase some great homemade pita in the area? Thanks!!

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  1. Not sure if anybody makes it locally, but the groceries along Mt Auburn St. in Watertown (Massis, Sevan, etc) generally have the freshest I've found in the area.

    1. Also Indian groceries have the right kind of pita. Kontos makes both pita and naan and sells it in nearly the same package. They're fairly interchangable. Lately Whole Foods and Trader Joe's sells naan that's not the right shape, but the right texture/flavor for gyros.

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        Right. I believe that the Kontos bread is labelled "pocketless pita" or "gyro bread". It's definitely not homemade, but very tasty either toasted or heated in a heavy pan with a little oil brushed on top.

        They also seem to repackage the same bread and use different labels to make it more mainstream. I remember buying some at a grocery store on Martha's Vineyard this summer in the regular pita section. They had regular and multigrain. Maybe their "naan" is the same thing.

        You could also try calling Jerusalem Pita in Brookline if you don't mind taking a ride. Maybe they'll just sell you their pita.

      2. Korbani's in Methuen has excellent Pita, I get it a Butcher Boy in North andover.

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          I completely agree. I love this bread and it has ruined me for supermarket pita bread. I did not know they were selling it at Butcher Boy. I frequently stop at Korbani's after shopping at Thwaites..nothing beats the pita bread fresh and warm out of the good I usually snack on a piece on the ride home. Also it is great for making homemade pita bread pizza!

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            A perfect excuse for a Thwaites run. Have either of you tried freezing the fresh pita?

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              I do regularly freeze whatever pita bread is left after two days. Since there are no has a pretty short lifespan. I put the pitas in a ziploc freezer bag and when I accumulate a few, then I use them to make the pizza.

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                I get mine in bulk at Georges bakery in Methuen & I freeze them immediately. Then reheat in micro fine & they taste like fresh...

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                  Thanks to you both. I'm definitely going to make a trip soon.

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                    Whole Foods at Fresh Pond sells George's giant pitas- about 14". Other locations don't consistently have the large size. They are fantastic for pizzas and freeze wonderfully- just took 2 out of the freezer tonight, added sauce, peppers, onions, mushrooms and cheese and into a 450 oven for 10 mins. Super fast dinner! Another favorite is to saute ground lamb, brush pita with olive oil, sprinkle with Penzey's zatar and crumbled feta and pop under the broiler

              2. If you are looking for fresh Syrian bread, Bob's Pita bakery in Roslindale and Cedar market in Norwood have a few fresh breads they import and source locally.

                1. does anybody know where Rami's in Brookline gets their pita? it's by far the best I've had in the area.