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Mar 25, 2012 12:01 AM

MUST-BUYS at the ferry building farmer's market? [San Francisco]

hello all,

have been dying to see this and will finally make it in the first week of april! we will not be there on a saturday, but can make the tuesday market. i know it will be smaller, but between the farmer's market and the building vendors, are there any items i must get to bring back home (we're in los angeles)?

also, i am drooling over all the places people recommend eating, JUST in this area. is it worth going to everyday? can you find great tasting food if we're on a budget? thanks in advance!

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  1. The SF Hounds get a lot of questions like yours so don't be discouraged that you haven't got answers from the locals. We visit twice a year and have spent a reasonable amount of time at the Ferry Plaza. It is not a place I would associate with budget dining though there are snack worthy items that won't break the bank (a fish taco from Mijita hit the spot last trip and was reasonable a la carte). The Tuesday market doesn't seem to have the panoply of ready-made food options outside that the Saturday or even the Thursday one does.

    Maybe if you posted some of the places you've read about that sound good, you'd elicit some feedback?

    1. I used to work a few blocks from the Ferry Building. That's the Financial District so the demographics are weird, local population is maybe a million on weekdays and a few thousand evenings and weekends. Consequently there are a lot of mediocre overpriced places open only for lunch on weekdays. There are a bunch of good restaurants there but prices are in general relatively high compared with, say, the Mission District, though there are exceptions such as Barbacco and Wexler's.

      If you're on a budget:

      1. I'd get some Acme bread inside the Ferry Building. Bread is one of those things LA doesn't do as well as SF.

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          I believe that Roli Roti serves their exquisite porchetta panino on Tuesdays. Worth a trip just for that.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Ooh, Wise Sons might be worth a look, and Humphrey Slocombe too.

            2. re: little big al

              Thurs/Sat only, not Tuesdays. I'd also recommend Cap'n Mike's for a great smoked fish (salmon and/or tuna "lox") sandwich on sourdough. Sadly Thurs/Sat only.

          1. Rarely go there, but I like the homemade rosemary dusted potato chips at one of the food stands (Soma restaurant whose name escapes me) and the banana tarts at Miette. For sure the roli-roti porchetta if they are open.

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            1. re: chocolatetartguy

              If you're thinking of Lulu Petite, they're gone. Cowgirl Sidekick (grilled cheese sandwiches etc.) took over that space.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                I was and finally remembered last night. I'll miss those chips. Now you know how seldom I visit the Ferry Building.

            2. thank you all...i know, it's a bummer we'll be there tuesday and not thurs/sat, but i'll take what i can get!! anything besides bread that you recommend taking home, not just for eating there?

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              1. re: jimyo

                Rechiutti chocolates - fleur de sel caramels & key lime apples are two of my favorites.

                1. re: jimyo

                  The Stonehouse Meyer Lemon Olive Oil is pretty good and has been appreciated by friends outside the Bay Area