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Mar 24, 2012 10:56 PM

Visiting vineyards in Israel

Anyone been to vineyards as a tourist? Any advice on where to go?

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  1. Really depends on which part of the country you will be visiting. Try Yarden or Dalton up north. Carmel in Rishon or Zichron Yaakov.

    1. I went to Tishbi in Zichron Yaakov. You don't see the vineyard itself, but get a tour through the production facility. Plus you can do a tasting afterwards. If you're in the area it's worth a stop.

      1. Dalton was very nice to be at. Very nice and amicable person who ran a tasting, particularly once the really obnoxious tourists who started the tasting with us decided to wander off (apparently they had started playing guitar in the restaurant, earlier, without asking anyone).

        There's a small pomegranate winery, called Rimon, just down the road from Dalton. They only have 4 or so wines, but the Port, in particular, was quite interesting.

        I'm not sure that any vineyards really do a tour of the vineyard section, though. Rimon showed production facilities; I don't remember if Dalton did or not.

        1. Psagot has tours, I'm pretty sure they can include a meal and a visit to the ancient cave where they age the wine.

          It's a really short drive from Jerusalem.

          Full disclosure: I've heard about it, but haven't had a chance to do it.

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            The bigger wineries will have tours and more to see - Yarden, Carmel, Galil and Dalton are not far from each other. The only one of those I have not been to is Dalton.

            The smaller wineries will not have much to see.

            Best bet is to figure out where you will be and call in advance. Also, if this is for Pesach not all are open and those that are may be very busy.

          2. I've been to Yarden, but there wasn't too much to see... lots to taste though!

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              Adir has a lovely cafe with a wide selection of goat cheese products (including goat milk frozen yogurt that was very yummy). Not sure if you can tour the vineyard but you can taste the wines as part of the meal.