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Mar 24, 2012 10:42 PM

Best Kimchi?

What brands are good for commercially prepared Kimchi? I have never had it before recently--but tried it from Meijer (which probably isn't as good as the real deal). Therefore, please recommend a brand from H-Mart.

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  1. my best friend's fam actually owns the H-Mart chain, and i really like the tobagi brand - as bonus, im now pregnant with horrible heartburn and found that eating kimchi once or twice a day is the only thing that controls it (my tums only work for an hr or so)
    Also, in the refrigerated side-dish section, you can usually find radish kimchi and sometimes ginseng kimchi, those are a nice special treat if u can find them

    1. My H-Mart only carries Tobagi but I happen to like the brand. It has a sour, not too salty flavor that I like even better than some of the more renowned artisanal brands commercially available in NYC.