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Mar 24, 2012 09:30 PM

near Reagan airport

Is there anything worth eating near the DCA airport?

I'll be there for one night.

Am a big Indian/Middle Eastern fan, but am also a good foodie fan too.



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  1. For Indian, Kohinoor Dhaba will do in a pinch. Not haute cuisine, but cheap and comfy. Kabab Palace is Middle Eastern -- in the loosest sense -- and is open 24 hours.

    There's also Jaleo's for tapas.

    1. It depends on where you are staying - Old Town is just a few minutes away....

      1. Depends how far you're able to travel. Metro will make it fairly easy to get to a number of places.
        For Indian:
        Bombay Curry Company in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria (about 2.5 miles from the airport by cab) serves up some very good North Indian http://www.bombaycurrycompany.com/con... try the chicken wings and butter chicken
        Here's the website for Kohinor Dhaba, which is in Crystal City: http://www.kohinoordhaba.com/menu/

        For Ethiopian:
        Harar Mesob, also in Crystal City http://www.harar-mesob.com/index.html Not the best in the region, but probably a darn site better than in most other parts of the country.

        Neramitra in Crystal City (again, there are better places, but it's close to the airport) http://www.neramitra.com/Neramitra.htm

        Middle Eastern:
        Afghan Kabob House near Courthouse Metro stop in Arlington http://www.afghankabobhouse.org/
        Kabob Palace in Crystal City, already mentioned
        Me Jana (Lebanese) also near Courthouse Metro http://www.me-jana.com/

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          Just FYI, Bombay Curry Company is closed at the moment. The building it was in is being gutted and redeveloped. The restaurant is planning to move a few blocks south but it's not re-opened yet.

        2. Thank you all, am staying in Crystal City near the airport. Will travel (if easy, I don't know DC) for the best, too!

          1. I would suggest trying out some places in Old Town Alexandria. Restaurant Eve, the Majestic, Brabo to name a few. They are not the type of food you indicated but Old Town is also an interesting place to visit.