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Mar 24, 2012 07:46 PM

south bay bbq?

I've been doing a little research, and maybe "san jose" has the best bbq in the bay area. All the old school Oakland places have closed or changed --- oh, flints in the mid 90's --- but there are few real comparisons.

Sam's BBQ - 1110 S Bascom
Smoking Pig BBQ - 1144 n 4th St
Jon Jon's 1305 Oakland Rd
Andy's BBQ 2367 El Camino, Santa Clara
Blue Rock BBQ - 3001 Meridian

That's a pretty interesting list - any favorites? Comparisons?

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  1. I may be out of the south bay, sorry. The Central Texan BBQ is my favorite in Castroville farther south. Meat smoked low and slow over oak. It's worth the trip.

    1. Wow, an east bay BBQ thread has over 200 items, the south bay has one not even talking about san jose? I guess I have some eating & reporting to do!

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        bbulkow - like you, I'm surprised that there aren't many southbay BBQ places. I remember there was an old thread about this a few years ago, but I can't find it, and it'd be out-of-date, anyway. Our families go to Sam's and the new Andy's because I can't find better alternatives, but I'm not that keen about them. I don't like Amadillo Willy's, never liked Austin's, nor the old Andy's (although they all have fans, I know). Meanwhile, I've been smoking/BBQ'ing my own, or I go to our vacation place in Tucson. Good luck, and share the info if/when you find it!

      2. We tried a lot of places and were horrified (ie Famous Dave's, Armadillo Willy's) but then found Sam's and settled into it. It is a little far, but the kid's ribs plate is ridiculously delicious. Blue Rock has good sides and very friendly workers. We recently tried the chain, Dickey's, in Saratoga Westgate West and were pleasantly surprised-- ie they fried our okra and onion strings to order, the meat was good, the prices were not bad.

        1. The only two on this list I've been to are Sam's and Blue Rock, none of which were good enough to make we want to come back. If I were close by it would be different, but these aren't destination places. The best South Bay barbecue place I've been to is Trail Dust in Morgan Hill. I do hope to try Smoking Pig soon.

          Central Texan was indeed good when I went many years ago, but is covered in the California board.


          1. Try Emergency Barbacue on Old County Road in San Carlos. Not much on decor but the meats and the beans are great.