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Mar 24, 2012 07:25 PM

Le Creuset oval 43 stamped on bottom

Hi, I am new to chowhound. I have several pieces of Le Creuset, but recently bought one at a garage sale. It is a large oval with 43 stamped on the bottom. Unfortunately, it was missing the lid. It has the black interior. I was told it was bought at Williams Sonoma and she thought it was a roaster. Does anyone know exactly what this is? I can not find it anywhere on the web. It is shorter then the oval french ovens I have seen. It is about 17 inches by 13.2 by 4 1/2 inches high. Also, how do I clean the black interior? My other pieces have the sandy interior. I would really appreciate anyone's help, thanks so much.

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  1. It is a roaster and it's complete as it is. It never came with a lid. It will develop a patina with use and become more nonstick the more you use it. The interior is their matte black, high heat enamel. Treat it, and clean it as you would the sand gloss interior. No harsh abrasives. Don't try and get it spotless as the patina is a brownish, polymerized film which makes it nonstick as it's built up. It mentions that on the LC website. Enjoy your new piece.

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      Thank you so much for your information.The woman had said that she got it for cheaper because it was missing a lid. Glad to know it is a complete piece. I can't wait to roast a few chickens or a turkey! Thanks again

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        Enjoy your new pan! The '43' marking is the length in centimeters.

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          Is this your roaster? Click image to enlarge. Here's some info at It's a discontinued item.

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            Yes, that is the same one. Mine is a yellow color though. I actually found that same link earlier this afternoon. Thanks for the information on the interior of the pan and how to care for it.

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          I wonder why can't I find any information on it?