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Moderatly Priced Organic Meat In GTA

Does anyone know of a place that sells organic meat? I went to Whole Foods by Square One and nearly dropped $25 just for 4 pieces of boneless chicken breast. If anyone knows of a place please let me know. By the way would I have luck at kensington market? Thanks for the help.

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  1. You could try The Healthy Butcher (http://www.thehealthybutcher.com). They have 3 locations - 565 Queen St., 298 Eglinton, and one in Kitchener-Waterloo. They've got organic and locally- raised beef, chicken, pork, lamb, elk, bison, duck, geese, rabbit, and more and the people are friendly.

    If it doesn't have to be organic, Sanagan's Meat Locker in Kensington sells sustainable, locally raised meats. Cumbrae's is also another local farm-raised option and they've got 3 locations in the city as well - on Church, Bayview, and in Dundas, ON.

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      Perfect, I've noticed the Healthy Butcher location on Eglinton.. Never really went in, Thanks for the response.

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        The Healthy Butcher is very good, but NOT cheap, maybe more expensive than WF.

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          Really eh? Do you know about a place called "Not Just Steaks" if so do you know if they carry organic products?

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        Sanagan's is my fave. Quality is great and the service is always friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating.


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            Perfect I'll check them out this weekend!

        1. In Mississauga, try Medium Rare or possibly Aurora Meats.

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            Medium Rare is nice... But I think officially it is in Etobicoke (Kipling/Dundas).

            Really friendly staff. Great meat pies too!

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              The last time i talked to them, they were wet aging the red meat but he said some weeks they dry age..... how does one know?
              i guess i'd have to call them b4 each time i go?

          2. If your in the area Sunshine on college sometimes has whole organic chiclens for $13 They are frozen but they usually have some very well priced Rowe Farms chicken breasts as well.
            no website but heres the phone number!
            416 533 9582

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              Alright perfect,sounds fairly cheap. I'll check them out.. I appreciate the help!

            2. In the west end, you can try Butcher by Nature http://www.butcherbynature.com .
              There are good butchers in Kensington Market and St. Lawrence Market as well.

              If for "GTA" you are willing to travel out of the city, my favourite source for meat is Agram Meats http://www.agrammeats.com/ .
              The farm, abattoir, processing, and store are all on the same property near Georgetown, operated by the same people. Not certified organic, (which means their prices are very reasonable) but all natural and local, and I feel good about buying my meat there.

              Another not certified organic, but as good as is "Fresh from the Farm" near Donlands and O'Connor. http://freshfromthefarm.ca/. All Kitchener-Waterloo area Mennonite products. Mennonite farmers produce food for their local community, and since they trust each other to use healthy practices, they don't feel the need to certify. Good stuff, available in store or by pre-order. Also baked goods, home canning, cheese, eggs and produce (in season).

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                Thank you for your extensive response, I think I might check out Agrams Meats as I want to step away from grocery store meat.

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                  i'm a big fan of black angus meats...although it is in mississauga...

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                    I live in Mississauga, whereabouts is it?

              2. How's Bloor & Ossington? Vince Gasparro's has well-sourced, if not organic, meats. They've been around since the 60's for a reason.

                1. Try The Butcher Shop at Markham Road and Kingston Road for very reasonably priced whole organic chickens which are delicious. There may be other organic meat there too.

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                    Galleria supermarket is very reasonable for organic chicken.
                    It is also the best tasting that I have ever found.
                    Available from Thursdays on.
                    Not always in stock beginning of week.

                  2. Don't believe anyone has mentioned some of the order/delivery services?

                    I just placed an order for West Side Beef ($150 for 20 lbs), don't believe its certified organic, but local/sustainable. Can check their website for more details. I will let everyone know how my experience with it goes.

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                      That isn't such a bad price, please do let us know how it goes as I might give it a shot.

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                        I just picked up my order from them. They were very organized and the beef looks great. Worked out to 16 lbs of beef, 2 containers of stock, and a half container of fat. It included 1 small tenderloin, 2 strip loins, 2 sirloins, medium ground, 6 sausages, a flat iron, and an eye of round roast, I think.

                        1. re: kmbar

                          That's not bad, where exactly are they located?

                          1. re: kmbar

                            That sounds amazing.

                            Do you mind posting some pics? Ha ha

                            Is everything labelled? I for some reason doubt my meat cut-recognizing abilities.

                            1. re: mkhall

                              Everything was labeled clearly. And we actually got 8 sausages, not 6!

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                                Looks amazing.

                                Thanks for the pics, looking forward to my order.

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                                  That actually looks really good, I might just go and place an order with them! Thanks for taking the time to post pictures.

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                            I just picked up my order last night from Richmond Station. We got: 2 large tubs of good unseasoned stock (already used some of it), 1 medium tub of beef fat, 1 small tenderloin, 2 ribeyes (ate these immediately - delicious), 1 osso buco, 1 vacio, 1 small top sirloin, 5lbs of ground, some stewing beef, 1 round roast, 1 blade steak, some oxtail, 6 sausages, beef cheek. Everything is vacuum packed and labelled.