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Mar 24, 2012 06:20 PM

Spiciest Vegetarian Meal in the City?/Roti

Hey all,
so my boyfriend and I are on the hunt for some genuinely spicy veggie fare. I think he's a little tired of ordering something with three peppers on the menu and being dissapointed. Open to any food style, it just can't be too expensive (think ten bucks for a meal).

On another note, where's the best (spicy, too) roti hiding at in this city? Think Albert's or Gandhi's in Toronto if you've eaten there.

Thanks for any suggestions! :)

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  1. Definitely try Jolee on Victoria @ metro Cote Ste Catherine. Great South Indian, dosa, sometimes roti, lots of ready to go takeout, and cheap!

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      1. I haven't found a good Caribbean place in the city yet, and I very much doubt there will ever be an east-meets-west-Indian roti place like Gandhi here in Montreal. But for cheap and good east Indian, I like Bombay Mahal in Parc-Ex.

        Cuisine Szechuan in the Concordia Ghetto does under $10 spicy dishes and have several vegetarian offerings too.

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          I second Cuisine Szechuan. Try the tofu flower in chili broth. Scorching. Just ask first to make sure it's not started with a meat base.

        2. FWIW, Mrs Porker and I ate at Jah B in LaSalle a few weeks ago. She ordered the chicken roti and was warned it was spicy. "No problem" she said (same expectation of a "3 pepper" rating, but arriving at the table with 0.5 pepper heat).
          It was plenty hot - she couldn't eat it.
          I did eat some of it (along with my goat curry) and yeah, it was up there, 3+ peppers.
          (don't know if their vegetarian roti is equally hot...).

          As for any food style, have you tried the tofu in water @ Kanbai or Cuisine Szechuan (they also do fish or beef). Stress that you want it hot, not dumbed down, as they might change it for western tastes.
          Theres a 3 pepper kick: plenty of dried chili pepper, plenty of chili oil, and plenty of szechuan peppercorn, all adding different dimensions of heat. Heat rating 4.7/5 peppers - chilihead addictive (its a large hellish cauldron for about $10, big enough to share - you'll be sniffling and sweating and buzzing).
          They'll also make a mapo tofu (not sure if they'll do a vegetarian version) and ask for it hot. If its the owner doing the cooking @ Kanbai, it'll be the best in the city.

          1. Roti:
            Jardin du Cari
            located on st laurent and st. viateur

            Cuisine Szechuan soup is a whole new sensation

            1. East Africa can be dangerous if you ask for the crushed chili powder... I had a mountain dumped on my plate and wasn't paying attention when I scooped it up with my injera and stuffed a sandwich of heat into my mouth. I almost died! I'm used to spicy foods and I love to sweat in restaurants, but when I accidentally swallowed that mound of dried chili spices, I lost my breathe and drank half a carton of milk right out of the restaurant's fridge... to no avail! My tongue was on fire for half an hour. Beats the time I accidentally ribbed my eye after eating and embarasingly had to have the owner take me downstairs and flush it out in the bathroom! I looked like I had pink eye all night.

              Not only is the food incredible (menu is 60% vegetarian) but you can control the level of spice and make it as hot or milkd as you'd like. Those hot spices they spoon onto your plate are a real killer though! None of that slow burn you get with Asian cooking (Cuisine Szechuan, etc) It packs a powerful punch!

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                We were eating "beef in water" a couple of years ago when Tapioca The was actually good. My buddy swallowed wrong and tried to stifle a cough. The soup reversed up into his nasal cavity and orange-y liquid came outta his nose.
                His eyes showed panic as he ran outside; although it was winter, he spent 15 minutes on the balcony coughing up 1/2 a lung.
                One of the funniest things I ever saw.