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Mar 24, 2012 05:58 PM

jose andres in miami

we all know bazaar is opening any time soon (any dates yet????)
but my question is are we going to have some treat inside of the likes of e, saam or minibar ?????

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  1. This is the latest report I've seen (a couple weeks ago he said they hope to open in May)

    Have not heard of any details yay or nay on whether there will be a minibar / e / saam type setup.

    1. Looks like the hotel is taking reservations for mid to late June.

      1. Well, it's open. Über expensive and not worth it most of the hype is covered with smoke and mirrors. There are many places in Miami with better tapas. Certainly they don't have the glitz and skin exposure of SOBE, but this blog is about food. Two small triangles of mancheho cheese with a teaspoon of quince for $9. Just about 2 bites. It's a tourist trap

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          1. re: mrotmd

            It is expensive all around, but I'm not sure why anyone would expect bargain cheese at a brand new South Beach restaurant from a celebrity chef in a luxury hotel. There are 60+ things on the menu, one of the last things I'd bother to order would be the manchego cheese.

            1. re: Frodnesor

              I agree with you 100%. Probably a bad example of my posting. Dinner for 6 over $600, not inlcuding the $25 per car valet parking (hard to park elsewhere during a torrential rain). For tapas, I'll take Xixon or Casa Juancho any day. For glitz, fashion and skin, well... and by the way, don't discard the cheeses, as they are a staple of spanish tapas. On a foodie board, Jose Andres is more about smoke and mirrors than good food. I'd give some for creativity, but I've had my share of uber expensive restaurants that re well worth it. Not this one, sorry, my opinion. Oh, by the way, what did the celebrity cheff offer, other than the name? It reminds me of Track & Records in Kingston, Jamaica; Usain Bolt gave it the name, they don't serve gold or break any speed records, and Bolt is not a chef, even a cook... The celebrity chef at Jose Andres simply franchised his name, that is my point

              1. re: mrotmd

                The valet is brutal. The prices are high. And I agree, if I were going somewhere to get a plate of cheese or ham, there are many other places I'd sooner go. I don't think that is the right comparison point though. If you're going to Bazaar, you may as well try the more creative dishes - and yes, be prepared to splurge, it is not remotely the same price point as popping into a neighborhood tapas bar.

                But Andres is not Usain Bolt. He's got a half dozen or so restaurants, so obviously he's not cooking every meal but rather training a crew. But his restaurants can make good food, and I've had good meals at minibar and Jaleo in DC, and at é in Las Vegas.

                1. re: Frodnesor

                  I think a valid question is in comparison with hisnother restaurants (bazzar lLA, jaleo etc)
                  How is bazzar SB,
                  And if you have more or less and idea or expectation of the place, you now it is not your regular tapas bar,
                  So going back to my question has anybody been to his other places, if yes how do they compare ?

                  1. re: super_al

                    I've been to Jaleo, minibar and Café Atlantico in DC. I've been to é and China Poblano in Las Vegas. I've not been to Bazaar LA.

                    I'm not sure why my link across to the other post with some discussion disappeared, but it's here ->

                    At risk of repeating myself, a good portion of the menu at Bazaar SB (maybe 1/3) is a sort of short-form version of the Jaleo menu.The rest is a mix of stuff with Latin American and Singporean (?) influences, many with contemporary cooking flourishes. Those items remind me more of Café Atlantico than minibar or é - creative, interesting, often very good, but the execution is simplified to turn them out for a big dining room rather than for a group of 6-8 people total.