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Mar 24, 2012 05:55 PM

White Plains: A+ for Noodle+

(Stop groaning! You would've written it, too!)

We were craving dumplings and noodle soups, so we went for the xiao long bao (pork soup dumplings), chicken and veg dumplings, and pork potstickers. For our soups, we had the duck noodle soup and the roast pork/shrimp wonton soup.

The soup dumplings were surprisingly delicate and full of a well-seasoned broth. I was surprised and pleased to find cilantro brightening up the carefully-crimped chicken dumplings. I found they didn't require the dipping sauce, usually a must for me. The potstickers had wonderful caramelization and decent porky flavor.

Our soups were lovely. Since we ordered take-out, the broth was served separately from the dry ingredients. One container held a generous portion of duck (crispy skin intact) over a heap of fine noodles and some stalks of what I think was choy sum. The other held maybe two dozen slices of roast pork, a few beautiful shrimp wontons, more choy sum and lots of the fine noodles that were a little clumped together. We prepared our soups a la minute, ladling the mild broth into the bowls with our chosen ingredients. Suddenly and magically, the broth poured new life into our bowls. It was akin to watching chrysanthemum tea blossom. The pork, which had already been flavorful, absorbed the broth and nearly reached fabulousness. The greens stayed crunchy and the noodles were practically calling out to get slurped up. The shrimp wontons were sesame-tinted and resilient. If the broth had just a little more oomph, it would have been flawless.

My sugar fiend didn't love the strawberry smoothie, but the sugar shunner loved it to the point of finishing it before I had a sip. The Thai iced tea was perfectly strong, slightly sweet, creamy and icy. Someone needs to make this into a panna cotta.

I'd love to hear other opinions.

245 Main St.
White Plains
914 948-4950

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  1. whats the address? and is this place called Noodle Plus?

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    1. re: cubanat

      Noodle+ is their name and I really need to take a drive down from greenwich to try them as well as H Mart out. Regarding Noodle+'s address, it's 245 Main St, White Plains (at church). LMK you're findings if you go by tomorrow afternoon as I may end up going tomorrow night either way

      facebook page:

    2. My new favorite lunch spot! I had met one of the owners the day the shop opened as I was walking to work and they were handing out menus. I knew that I just had to get there as soon as I could.

      I had ordered pot stickers and shrimp summer rolls to take back to the office and as my coworkers can attest, the were absolutely fantastic. The shrimp rolls were perfectly packed and it's special ginger/peanut sauce kept in a separate container. The portions were very very generous especially for the prices. I believe it was 6 pot stickers for 6 bucks - seriously!

      The restaurant itself is fairly small but you don't get the feeling of sitting a top each other as you wait for your meal. The staff was very friendly and helpful and that wall of photos, you just can't help smiling.

      One word of advice, where this shop just opened it will be the focus of curiosity for a while so I recommend that if you are planning to do take out, call ahead and order. I had gone on a Wednesday after noon (their 3rd day open) around 2pm and had a 30 minute wait from the time of ordering until I was out the door with my food. Not bad, but for those pressed for time during lunch it comes down to not having the chance to savor this delicious food.

      My next lunch is definitely the yaki soba!

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      1. re: melestation

        So glad you also had a great experience! I was also very happy with the conscientious way everything was packed and presented. Did you get the shrimp summer rolls?

      2. I'm sorry to say we were sorely disappointed in our order and experience today. I think they are having growing pains, for sure. We ordered a takeout order and had no problem that the wait would be 25-30 mins ( based on what they told us when we called). However, it took an hour to get the food from the time I called. My husband was waiting there and said the food people were eating IN the restaurant looked great. Ours didn't look quite the same way. Plus, most of our order was missing, and what we got was either wrong or bland.
        We ordered a shrimp wonton soup but they sent regular, I guess. The filling certainly didn't resemble shrimp at all. The broth was incredibly bland. I had ordered the mushroom dumplings and the chicken veggie dumplings. Only the mushroom made it into the order. The regular size fried rice never made it into the order either. Nor did the shumai. The pad thai was ordered at the suggestion of the man who took my order. I was going to order the yaki soba, but he said the pad thai was much better. We found it clumpy and fair. We had paid for everything, but they seemed to not actually know what was to be packed up for which customer.
        I called to complain and they told me they were very sorry and would refund the entire order. We'll have to see if they do.
        I don't think we'll be making another trip to Noodle + for a while. They have some stuff to work out before we give them another shot. So bummed.

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        1. re: MRS

          That's a shame, MRS. Maybe they got slammed today and couldn't handle it. Our shrimp wontons last night were filled with coarsely-chopped shrimp and were easily recognizable as such in appearance and flavor. Our broth could've been more intense, but was a great vehicle for the dry ingredients, which ultimately were the stars of the soup. I hope they can maintain quality while fulfilling a larger volume of orders.

          When we think back to all of the disappointing Asian dining experiences we've had up here as recently as last weekend, we were so happy to find a place that seemed to be paying attention and keeping things reasonably authentic. Lets hope they stay focused.

        2. I stopped by today, Sunday, and was unimpressed. They are definitely having more business than the kitchen can handle.

          Eating In: The crab/pork soup buns were boring, with hardly any broth. The shrimp wonton soup was so lightly flavored that bland comes to mind. The wonton had a delicate wrapper, but looked like squashed shumai. The filling was a mix of pork and shrimp. OK tasting but not great.

          Take Home: The Drunken Noodles had no chili peppers and only two leaves of Thai basil. Those two ingredients are the most important in this dish, plus both red and green bell pepper, used as filler, because bell pepper isn't an authentic Thai ingredient. This dish didn't travel well and was a solid mass of soggy noodles, almost flavorless.

          I have the bbq pork soup with noodles and shrimp won ton for later. I have higher hopes for this since the broth was packed separately and I can heat and add it.

          It will be awhile before I go back. Long wait for service and the staff was a bit confused and made many mistakes. They charged me for an additional two items that I didn't order, then took 15 minutes to straighten it out.

          The duck salad was limp and mushy by the time I got home. OK flavor, no spice, and I asked for the spiciest level three that they offer. The duck salad on the menu didn't list raw carrots as an ingredient, one other salad did so I assumed that the three that didn't, wouldn't have raw carrots. Bad assumption, there was a handful of raw carrot at the bottom of the salad. I am allergic to raw carrot and ended up with an asthma attack and blisters in my mouth.

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          1. re: JMF

            Sorry, JMF. I wouldn't be surprised if someone told them that White Plains is dead on Sunday and they got overwhelmed.

            In case your broth is as bland as the one MRS had, I hope you have some liquid soup base on hand.

            Damn, I'm kind of embarrassed. We really did have a great meal.

            1. re: foodiemom10583

              Just reading everyone's review on this restaurant and needed to also add to it. Foodiemom10583 don't worry about those negative reviews, I had a great experience there and continue to have great delicious food every time I've been there, which is 4 times already! I have many friends that have gone, and we all agree, this is authentic delicious, feels like home cooked, Asian food! I'm Chinese and many of my friends who have gone are Asian, this is the real Westchester. Spoke with the owners and they have and will continue to work hard to make their food authentic. If you pop in there on a weekend now, you'll see that most of the patrons are Asian, this is a sure sign that they are serving the good stuff! So enjoy! See you there!

          2. We were in downtown WP and in need of lunch today MID-AFTERNOON. They were doing business but not overcrowded, and we got a table right away. Ordered four different appetizers/small dishes and were generally very pleased. We had the curried pufffs, spring rolls, pot stickers and soup buns. I personally was not thrilled with the soup buns, but they are not an item I consider myself expert on -- and my husband liked them. We both were very happy with the rest. The staff were very sweet and efficient. They were not, of course, overwhelmed by lots and lots of customers.