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Mar 24, 2012 05:08 PM

Casa Romero?

Any good? You never hear much about it.

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  1. It's always been one of the more romantic spots in town, IMHO, although I haven't been in years & couldn't comment on their food [these days]. There was a time when it was fantastic (although pricey), and really the only "high-end" Mexican/Latin in town. Their patio is lovely in the summer, and I have wonderfully fond memories of going there with my Mom and Gram for special occasions "back in the day". Like I said though, haven't been in years...

    1. I remember eating there years ago and enjoying no recent report. I just googled them, and they're around for 37 years. That predates the Baja Fish Taco in the USA...brought to the US by Rubio's (if you don't know them, use's quite a story) in SoCal about 35 years ago. I spend a few months each winter in MX and I'd guess from looking at the menu, that it's probably in the category of "upper middle" in terms of Mexican restaurants. There's fancier places down there and lots of less fancy; but they'd fit in.

      The main focus of this board seems to me to be more of a tacqueria type place. Ex. I see a lot of mention of lengua or cabeza tacos at various places around town..not uncommon in tacquerias or stands in MX. I doubt you'll find that at Casa Romero.

      My take is that Casa Romero probably puts out decent food, relatively authentic when compared to that level place in a nicer atmosphere than the E Boston or other places usually mentioned here.

      I'd be curious about other opinions; mainly cuz my experience is so dated.

      Another reason why we hear so little about it is probably that there has been such a flood of newer Mexican places that have recently opened. I'd guess it's probably a decent place for a Mexican meal for those that want a more traditional atmosphere.

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        I'd guess that the focus of this board on taquería type places is 'cause that's pretty much all we have here in Boston, to this day. Angela's, in EB, seems to be an exception, but Casa R. would still appear to be among the only "upscale" Mexican around. (Is Sol Azteca still over on Beacon? Still not quite as " upscale" as C.R.) Pork in chipotle/orange sauce, shrimp w/salsa verde (Camarones Veracruzano) & seafood stuffed squid were among the "signature dishes"; more refined than the "many things to many people" Salvadoreño/Mex. spots I've frequented more recently. Anyone know of any other "upscale" Mexican around? At least something w/o the mimeographed plastic menus? I love me some tacos de lengua, pupusas, sopa, etc., etc., but would love some more refined Mexican cuisine without traveling to Chicago...

        1. re: BrettLove

          We're in agreement. We review what we have. Angela's is interesting cuz the fod is great; but atmosphere doesn't compare to CR.

          Chicago has great MX; refined and not so refined...but their MX population is huge, and Rick Bayless had a lot to do with brnging in more refined food.

          1. re: BrettLove

            If you haven't, you really should try Taqueria Jalisco in EB. Love their birria.

            1. re: Taralli

              Taralli, You must be a mind reader. I don't make it to Maverick Sq very often; but it looks like I'll have to make a few trips in the next month; was going to search the board for suggestions.

              I happen to love birria.


              1. re: Taralli

                Taralli- Is Jalisco in Maverick? I don't recall it being one of the spots right in the Square. I moved back to EB not too long ago, but what once were my solid stand-bys (the "original", teeny-weeny Cancún & Topacio [Salvadoreño] on Meridian) seem to have either gone downhill, changed hands, or both.

                1. re: BrettLove

                  Jalisco is in Day Square if I have my squares right (Bennington and Chelsea).

          2. Haven't been here in a few years. If you need a ton of reviews before you eat somewhere, forget this place. They have a regular group of clients who seem to want to keep this place the best kept 37 year old secret. There are several places in Boston I would go without asking a for a recent review, this place is one.

            1. Have not been in a very long time. It was always delicious with a great mole sauce. Thank you for reminding me about Casa Romero. I can't wait to try it again. I agree that you do not need a review to try this restaurant.

              1. I stopped going there after two lackluster performances of both food and service. Sol Azteca is IMNTBHO a much better option.