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Mar 24, 2012 03:27 PM

Am I in the "Greater Seattle" area or PNW?

What is the coverage difference on the boards, geographically speaking? PNW vs. Pacific Northwest.Thank you!

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  1. That is a great question! I've been wondering the same thing. It seems they are either/or.
    mMaybe just trying to split so each won't be so large?

    1. AFAIK, the Greater Seattle forum covers just that ...... Greater Seattle.

      Whereas this (PNW) forum simply covers everything else outside of Greater Seattle and Metro Portland. So essentially all other parts of WA and OR.

      1. Where are you? Your profile page says Port Orchard.

        I think you are border line. Try some searches relevant to your area, and see which board gives the most results.

        Last year someone asked about Xinh's in Shelton, and got 5 replies on their Seattle thread, 3 replies on the PNW thread.

        1. Seems we discussed whether the whole Puget Sound area should be included when the boards were split, but the Powers that be in NYC decided otherwise. I would have to go back through my post history to find those discussions.