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Mar 24, 2012 03:19 PM

Places in/near Avondale

Any recommendations for moderately-priced, baby-friendly (but not generic family-style) restaurants in or near the Avondale area? We are people who appreciate great food and go to good restaurants, who just happen to have a baby in tow this time around. The baby is 7 months old and a "good" baby - his parents take him out to eat all the time with no problems. Also, wondering how far these places are from Avondale, and would it be wildy inappropriate to bring a baby: Tarbells, Pizzeria Bianco and Barrio Cafe? Thanks.

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  1. All three places named are 20 miles or more from Avondale, and none is a place where I'd be inclined to bring a 7-month old. I don't know Avondale well, but I can't think of many destination restaurants in the southwestern quadrant of the Phoenix Metro Area. Perhaps there are some neighborhood gems, though. If no one offers any advice here, I'd suggest using other dining sites that are better suited to geographically based searching.