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Mar 24, 2012 03:15 PM

looking for a good bagel in Sarasota

Since Sarasota bagel cafe closed I haven't found a good bagel to speak of. Mixed reviews on other sites about Lox and Eggs on the trail. Some people said owner was down right rude. I can handle rude. I will keep my head down and mouth shut for a good chewy bagel. No offense Einstein's but yours are to doughy. Thanks for the help :-)

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  1. I have found the owners of Lox & Eggs, bagel bakery to be very accomodating. A smile on the part of the customer goes a long way here; having said that they do get a little frustrated at indecision and too many inane questions on the part of some of their guests.After all, you are just buying a bagel, not a new car.This shop is the only one I know, in Sarasota, where bagels are still boiled and the bagels are not so huge and cake like that they would feed a family of 4!

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      I am sure about the bagel I want. And I agree. It is not a new car, just tell me what you want already. I think everyone should work in the restaurant biz at least once to find out how hard it is and appreciate what they do for the patrons. It is a tough job. I'll let you know if I like the everything bagel with olive and pimento cream cheese( I Google the website to see that they have that) and tomato are up to snuff. Thanks for replying. It makes me sure I want to try it.

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        Yes a smile on either side can certainly help, but unfortunately I had the same experience as what suzigir heardl. All I did was go in for some of their flat bagels and the wife was very unpleasant. Not exactly a good temperament for someone who is dealing with the public...haven't been back since.

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          Aside from the rudeness, how were the flat bagels? I was reading in Ticket that Nellie's had a great bagel. One of my clients made a comment that she was in the mood for poppy seed bagels so I went and got her a half dozen as a treat. God love her, she is brutally honest. She said they were just okay. What about Small Batch or Ooh La La? I know you said great things about OLL. I am rarely on that side of town. I read a reply that she snatched a bag of bagels back from a woman. BRAKES!!! That's to far

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            Lox and Eggs makes an excellent product, forget everything else...........
            Ooh La La is a French Patisserie style of bakery, although very good products, no bagels.
            Small Batch had? bagels on a day or two a week. Look on Facebook or call to see what he is baking on particuliar days, not consistently producing the same product everyday.

            1. re: ospreycove

              I'm not gonna lie. I do have a tendancy to never go back when people annoy me but good food is good food. I am sure that I will try it just to have my own point of view. I am jazzed to find a tasty bagel. I miss a good chewy everything bagel.

            2. re: suzigirl

              I was at small batch yesterday. Bagels were 2.50 each. Not sure if it came with a shmear. I'll buy Rays frozen bagels at Publix before i pay 2.50 for one.

              1. re: lovespinach

                Bagels at Jim's Small Batch are $1.25
                ($1.75 with cream cheese) and are great!
                Call or check Facebook for availability.
                Try a pastry while you"re there too.

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                  I plan on going to Gulf Gate really hungry. Want to try Small Batch and Ooh La La and I live on the other end of town so I will make a day of it. Dying to try the bread. I soooo love a good bread.

                2. re: lovespinach

                  Another vote for Ray's NY bagels in Publix's frozen food section. I live in a really bagel poor area & these have been a great find.

                3. re: suzigirl

                  Only had them the one time, but I liked them...just not her!!! I don't like the big fat ones. The small batch one was good but not worth the price, but his bread is wonderful.. OLL does not have bagels and no way would she snatch anything from anyone...she is a doll! Try the L&B, maybe you will find her in a good mood!! LOL!

                  1. re: Mother of four

                    I plan on making a day out of grazing at OLL and Small batch. I was wondering if you can reccomend a place to grab a snack or small plate to go on a 'grub crawl' w/ my friend. Thanks bunches.

                    1. re: suzigirl

                      If you go on a Sat. the Korean market makes fresh sushi. OLL has sandwiches and also Quiche, Small Batch has soup and sandwiches. I'm not a big lunch person so maybe someone else could chime in. There is a sushi restaurant there, not sure if they are open for lunch.

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                        Sushi restaurant is Vizen, they are excellent, had dinner there tonight, however, they are not open for lunch, but my fav in SRQ

                  2. re: suzigirl

                    Lox and Eggs for me as well. And to find a flagel here is amazing, thus we must support them. Never had issue with the staff.

                4. re: ospreycove

                  Went to the Lox And Egg today on your rec. Liked it just fine. Staff was accommodating. Even made my bagel open faced w/ a tomato on each side and explained that now the tomato won't make it slide. Nice touch! For sure to go back.

                5. Jim's Small Batch Bakery has very good bagels. $1.25 each and $1.75 with cream cheese. He also makes the best muffins in town. They are not "stodgy" and are filled with luscious blueberries. or cranberries, as the case may be. They are just the right size for a tasty treat.

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                    Suzi... For your Chow Run in Gulfgate; be sure to check out HH & DD (Ham Heaven and Devil Dogs), Really good Reuben sandwiches and Chicago style dogs. This place is "unique" in many ways, nice owners, etc. As Mo 4 said above, Saturdays at Oriental Food and Gifts, great Korean Sushi, salads, etc very good and a great value!!!!


                    1. re: ospreycove

                      Love all the little food marts in that area. Gets me in trouble going down there because I shop a little in each of them and spend the next week globetrotting in the kitchen. Do I start w/ Asian, poland, England? Lucky my boyfriend is a good eater or I might give the poor guy palate fatigue. Haha. Thanks

                  2. The best bagels? BJ's. Yes, BJ's, the warehouse store on Cooper Creek N. of University Ave.(you can get a 1-day guest pass and pay +10 or 15%) They ship them in boiled and par baked, frozen, from Longuyland, NY and bake them off in-store. You can also ask for them frozen and bake in your oven (toaster oven is brilliant as well) for 15 - 20 min. at 375 - 400 F. Believe it or not, better than most contemporary NYC bagels and miles ahead of anything here or in local markets. The bagels alone are the only reason I maintain my BJ's membership. If they drop these like they did Ecce Panis bread and Acme Smoked Salmon (Nova) last year, I'm gone. Hear me, BJ?

                    I know my bagels. NYC born, 5 Towns raised. Best of all, for a New Yorker, aside from excellence it's a bargain - sold loose in units of 9, the price is about 40 cents each for a gezunta sized plain, poppy, everything, and a couiple of other types. And, none of those mind and tastebud numbing midwest attempts at gourmetdom. Sadly, they don't do my favorite - poppyseed - but that's OK.

                    Bialys? No. But, there was an excellent Bialy sold in the frozen section at Publix and / or Sweetbay recently.

                    Other great baked goods near downtown - The Savory Street Bakery (and restaurant - excellent at night) in Citrus Square at corner of N. Orange and 4th St.

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                      Well it must be fate. Just got a 60 day temp membership to BJ's in the mail. I will give it a whirl. Have to make my own olive and pimento cream cheese though. I can live with that. Thanks for the heads up.