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Mar 24, 2012 03:10 PM

Pre-theatre Culver City dinner suggestions

Any suggestions for a nice--not super-high-end--dinner near the Masonic Lodge in Culver City?

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  1. Akasha
    Ford Filing Station
    Tender Greens - very reasonable - kind of cafeteria style
    Honey Kettle Chicken - cheap, good fast food

    1. All of these recs are on Venice, which I believe is where the Masonic Lodge is. Gloria's, Versailles, Thai Boom and Mayura, Annapurna or Lawrence of India for Mexican/Central American, Cuban, Thai and Indian. IMHO, the best bang for the buck in that general neighborhood is Simpang Asia on National, west of Motor. Great option for such an underrepresented cuisine.

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        Thanks to you both! Any suggestions for the next tier or two up in dining?

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          In that general area? K-Zo has been a consistent rec by poster westsidegal. I've never been, but if she recs it, I'd give it a go.

          Fraiche is probably at the top of the list for restos in downtown CC. With that said, I feel that area seems to have somewhat stagnated over the past year or so. L'epicerie Market on Culver was showing a great amount of promise before opening (as did the other places that were part of the French wave in this area). While the service is usually quite good, the kitchen has been inconsistent in chefs as well as the resulting dishes, and the prices are quite high for being a very casual place.

          My favorite place in DTCC - Mezza - has left due to the building their place occupied is going through a major renovation. Great Lebanese cuisine, cordial service, and beer & wine to boot. Consequently, I don't eat in DTCC nearly as much as I did through its boom phase. The CC city hall sets a high bar in a lot of ways for potential tenants in this area. This seems to make it easier for the Chipotles/deep pocket investor-backed enterprises to move in, but leaving little or no room for places that lack $$ but make up for it with imagination or joie de vivre.

      2. Not much to look at but Cafe Livre offers very good French-Moroccan food and is not too far from the Lodge. n addition to the other recommendations made, Lukshon and the new Batch are further East but would still be workable. Fraiche has, unfortunately, fallen from its former glories.

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          Wonderful suggestions! Thank you.

        2. Don't miss Father's Office on Helms Ave just outside the Culver City border in Los Angeles. Great food and a beer lovers paradise. No reservations taken and it's a bar (by definition) so must be 21+ to eat here.

          1. We have really liked City Tavern on Culver in downtown Culver City. Better than Ford's, really good food (owned by the Rush Street people, but I think it's better, albeit less formal).