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Mar 24, 2012 03:07 PM

Where Do You Eat in Gig Harbor?

Aside from grabbing a burger now and then at the Blazing Onion, we can't seem to locate fabulous eats, please recommend your finds in Gig Harbor!

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  1. Brix 25 on Pioneer is a suggestion. They have a website I'm sure you could 'google' it.
    Let us know what you think if you go.

    1. It isn't fair to rate a restaurant on just one dining experience, but I was less than impressed with Brix 25. (I will try them again soon as other Chowhounds rate them consistently high.) I suggest The Green Turtle as another option as well. While it is just good pub food, The Tides Tavern is THE Gig Harbor destination for fun and food if you just want a beer and some fish & chips. (If I could own one restaurant in all of Puget Sound, it would be The Tides. That place mints money.)

      1. Well, thats a wide open topic. Are you looking for restaurants with the same level of casualness as Blazing Onion? There are two casual restaurants that stand out. Kellys downtown serves up great breakfasts, sandwiches, and burgers. I like Green eggs and ham, which is pesto enhanced. Also the Carolina chicken burger with sweet potato fries. I also love Susannes, which is open for breakfast and lunch. They have wonderful scones and muffins for breakfast and good coffee drinks. For lunch, they have homemade soup, sandwiches on homemade bread, and a delicious pasta, pesto side with each sandwich. Desserts are really good, especially the eclairs and the strawberry whipped cream cake. Susannes is along Harborview Drive towards the end of the bay. Other interesting finds; Reflections at the airport, Steamers fish and chips (just across the bridge near Titlow Park in Tacoma), Morso, a wine bar with a fantastic harbor view that has a nice food menu with small plates and dinners, Fondi, a wood burning pizza place across the street from Blazing Onion, Devoted Kiss, a new cafe overlooking the harbor with yummy eggs benedict, and Massimos, Italian overlooking Henderson Bay in Purdy,