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Mar 24, 2012 03:04 PM

Sammy Chon's KTown Express- YUMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!

We decided to go to Marlton to do some shopping today. Before we went, I decided to find what's there to eat in the Cherry Hill/Marlton area. I came upon Sammy Chon's K-Town Express. OMG!!!!!! YUM!!!!!!!
This place is a takeout with seats and have been opened for 2 months. They have a restaurant in Cherry Hill and in Philly Chinatown. I hear of plans of having a food truck in Temple.

This place is different than the restaurants. It is Mexican based but infused with Korean proteins and condiments. My daughter had the spicy chicken taco with Mexican Coke. She absolutely loved it. Husband is on a strict Lentine diet and had the tofu hoagie (haha!). The last laugh is on me because he absolutely loved it. This place is known for their Koagie, which is Korean Hoagie. I had the LA Rice Bowl with Kalbi. It was a bowl with rice and carrots and onions with kalbi on top. It was fabulous! We also ordered Kimchi Fries. Let me say this again. OMG!!!!! Best poutine I ever had. It was french fries with caramelized kimchi on top with cheese wiz all over. At first I was torn between kimchi fries or kimchi wonton nachos, but the owner recommended kimchi fries. We were also given 2 free sides which were macaroni salad and corn slaw. Current promotion is if you order a meal with a drink, you get a side. The sides were in a 1/2 pound salad containers. I can't wait to go back here again. But, it will have to be after Easter when my husband is off the Lentine diet. :(. Husband can't wait for Easter to come.

They are located in a strip mall at the front portion of the mall. Address is :

127 US Hwy 130 S
Cinnaminson, NJ

Here is their FB page:

Go and try! This place is great!

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  1. Interesting. Being from the Jersey Shore, we travel to Marlton to shop at Whole Foods and H Mart. Our usual lunch stops are either Mastories (not near, but if you are traveling that far, it's only a tad out of the way), Pho Eden or The Korean restaurant above H Mart. This sounds like, it's worth a stop tho' What a wild combination.

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      This place is definitely worth a try. Been waiting for something different and this is it! We were so happy that this place opened. Last summer, we went to Atlanta and went to a similar takeout place. That place is called Hankook Taqueria. Been hankering for that place ever since. Imagine our surprise when we walked in to Sammy's and realized that it's the same type of food!

      People are very nice at Sammy's. If you have any questions, they are glad to help. They also offer samples for you to try. Love, love this place! They're also very clean.

      1. re: wench31

        I am sold, checked out the FB (I know yuck FB) page and saw photos and menus. Way sold. Can't wait to try it!

      2. re: Quine

        the Cherry Hill location is on Rt.70 in (another) strip mall just west of where I-295 hits

        1. re: BeeZee

          Great Thanks! That places it near H Mart then.

      3. Thank you so much for this recommendation.
        The place is a little more than 10 minutes away from my work place and I tried a Koagie with bulgogi today. It's not the greatest sandwich ever but it was certainly quite good. The bulgogi with the spicy sesame sauce definitely go along with the bread. For under $10 I got a bottle of Mexi-coke, a koagie, and a side of fries.

        Will definitely return to try their Tacos and burritos and wings.

        1. Stopped by there today and WOW, great! We had just eaten at Mastories, but I knew it was on the way to H Mart and Whole food, so I had to stop in. Everything you saw was exactly right! Clean, super friendly and awesome food. Today we only got the KimChi fries and the Koagie (beef) and we were blown away!

          Very very good, I highly recommend the place and can't wait to get back. It is addicting!

          1. This is our 4th time coming here. Each time we go here, we love it more and more! We ordered Panko Flounder Taco for our daughter. She had a choice between corn or flour taco and sweet or hot sesame base sauce.The owner was so nice and gave her both hot and sweet sauce on the side for her to try. She liked it alot especially with the hot sauce. But, both sauce were delicious. We also ordered the Koagie, a Korean hoagie, with spicy pork as our protein and hot sauce. Just the right amount of pork on a sandwich. I ordered the Jap Chae Noodle with tofu as a protein. Jap Chae was great as well! All sandwiches and entrees come with a choice of protein such as bulgogi, chicken, tofu and pork. As always, we also ordered Kim Chi Fries. These are fries with caramelized kim chi and cheese wiz on top with scallions. You can also add a protein for $3. This is easily my favorite! Place is very clean. Each time we visit the place, whether for a late lunch or dinner, the owners are always cleaning up. Service is VERY friendly. They're very accommodating. Will definitely return when in the area!

            Here is a copy of their menu online:


            If you check in with Yelp, you get 10% off. Also, their food truck is up an running!