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Mar 24, 2012 02:48 PM

any decent chinese dim sum in denver??

hope to find places that prepare from scratch rather than warming up pre made, frozen.

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  1. Star Kitchen on Federal at Mississippi is hand's down the best. Website:

    Best soup dumplings and potstickers (but not a full dim sum menu) is Lao Wang Noodle House.

    1. Lots of good dim sum here. Star Kitchen is probably generally regarded as the best, but Empress Seafood and King's Land (also on South Federal) are also good, and New Port (in Broomfield) is also solid. All made fresh daily, I believe.

      I've heard that Lee Yuan in Boulder also has a somewhat unique Taiwanese dim sum menu (only on weekend mornings). Never been myself, but I'm curious to try it.

      Lao Wang is awesome, but I personally wouldn't call them "dim sum" since they don't do carts and really only do a few dumplings and noodles. But the dumplings and noodles are some of the best anywhere, so definitely worth a visit as long as you're not expecting dim sum specifically.

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        New Port hasn't been New Port for quite some time. It is now a Szechuan restaurant that nevertheless claims to offer dim sum. I haven't been there since it changed.

        1. re: ClaireWalter

          Good to know. I thought it had just undergone another name change, didn't realize that it was a whole new place. Will have to try it out!

      2. We also think that Star Kitchen (2917 W. Mississippi Ave., Denver, tel. 303-936-0089) is very good, has roving carts and has a nice buzz to it during dim sum time.

        1. would have to agree with the star kitchen recommendations. empress would be my number two.

          cookinitup, formerly known as cookmyassoff