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Mar 24, 2012 02:32 PM

what height cake pans to buy?

I am considering buying a set of 8" cake pans, because I like to bake but don't have a lot of people around to eat the cakes I make. I have all sorts of pans, including a set of 9"x 2" pans which is the height I have always used. Looking on Amazon, I am seeing 8 x 3 pans available and wondering if I should pay a bit more and get those instead of 2 " high. I don't necessarily want to make taller cakes, meaning that I wouldn't make thicker than usual layers , so would having not as full pans be any different than if they were half full ?

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  1. I actually did buy 3 inch pans but have never used the extra height. The extra height does make it a little harder to remove the cake but not much. I recommend the 2 inch. I would not buy 1.5 inch pans. Those are just too limiting. The 2 inch is big enough to make a cake layer thick enough to cut in half if you want to get fancy and make a 4 layer cake.

    I also recommend getting a dark pan. It will make a brown crust which is more flavorful. I am not talking about a thick crust. The outside will be a little browner than the interior of the cake.

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      I'm with Hank on this one. 2" height is the way to go. I have sets is a variety of sizes from 6" to 14 ", all 2" tall, and they cover just about every possibility.

      Unlike Hank, I go for the lighter colored pans as I prefer a lighter crust. That is all about preference.

      1. re: maxie

        Thanks to you both! I am going for the 2"!

        1. re: maxie

          I agree. Lighter crust is much easier to cover with light colored frostings, too.