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Mar 24, 2012 02:29 PM

Restaurant Ethan in Chinatown

They opened March 11th. I went last Sunday after the St. Paddy's parade. It's sit-down, but it's not fancy. Virtually all on menu is under $10, and it still focuses on BBQ on rice (the space was the best BBQ takeout counter in Chinatown), along with soups and vermicellis. I killed 3 birds with one stone and ordered a vermicelli and char siu soup (perfect hangover food). It was delish! Rich broth, lots of noodles and big pieces of pork that didn't lose the outside crisp in the soup, and under $7 tax-in.

They have a BBQ takeout counter too, but it's pricier than Hong Kong on St-Laurent (which is closed for renovations at the moment). Best of both worlds, I say.

72A de la Gauchetiere O, 514-861-0815.
Waiter said they close at around 9pm these days. I noticed a breakfast menu starting at 9 or 10, offering Chinese and western options.

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  1. Went to Restaurant Ethan today for lunch with 4 other people. Place was packed, and we had to wait a few minutes for a table. We had the meat (BBQ, duck, chicken) with rice dishes, as well as a plate of "rice rolls" with shrimps....the kind that you can get at dim sum. We also had a large plate of Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce. Food was pretty good, and I would definitely go back to try some other plates. The adjacent table had some kind of beef hot pot that looked tasty. Also on the menu are Chinese "breakfast" items such as congee, fried noodles, etc.

    The wait staff were friendly, but our orders got mixed up resulting in not being charged correctly on our bill. I think it might be due to confusion as a result of having more than one person attending to each table. The restaurant has only been open for two weeks now, so I guess they still have some kinks to iron out. But once they do, I'm sure things will run a bit more smoothly. It's good for a quick, simple meal, but not necessarily a place you want to linger during a busy weekend lunch rush. Maybe during a week day it might be better.

    1. So their Chinese BBQ meats are very good? The initial feedback I had was their Chinese BBQ meats(that's their main focus) was still a work in progress. That's why I wanted to hold back, before trying any of their foods.

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        The BBQ meats are good. But if you're going on a weekend at lunch time, I would suggest going a bit before the lunch rush hits. A couple of us ordered the rice with roast duck, but only one of us ended up with the duck, as they ran out. But again, it could also be because the resto is still new, and trying to figure out quantities, etc.

      2. Just to clarify, that's in the old Sin Sun Lung location, right?

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        1. I had lunch at this place today and was quite disappointed with their sticky rice in lotus leaf. It wasn't sticky rice at all, just the same rice that was served with the BBQ duck dish with some chicken on top. I suspect it wasn't actually cooked in the lotus leaf even though I was told there was a 15-minute wait for this dish to be prepared.

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            the short-grain rice found in lotus-leaf-wrapped sticky rice is not cooked in the leaves. It is cooked in a pot as regular rice then stuffed into lotus leaves with some stuffings like cooked ground pork or chicken and topped with a splash of soy-sauced chicken broth for the brown color and flavor then wrapped for storage to be reheated by steaming at a later time.

          2. Ethan? ...Ethan? ......The restaurant's name is not really Ethan is it?!? Come on.....that's not a name for a Chinese just sounds...quite the very opposite....quite westernish....?

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            1. re: Har_Gow_Freak

              Then you're really not going to like the name of the restaurant on the second floor of 1027 Saint Laurent.

              1. re: EaterBob

                Um...okay what's it called? Bob? John's? Chef Woo? Or Chinatown Restaurant maybe...

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                  Next time you're at New Dynasty, look it up. It's right around the corner.

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                      Use your eyes. The next time you are in Chinatown at New Dynasty, walk around the corner to 1027 Saint Laurent and look at the name of the restaurant. I'm not certain if I can make myself any clearer than that.

                          1. re: kpzoo

                            Ah should have came to me sooner! Amigo is preeeetttyyy bad....and....well Ethan is no better a name for a Chinese restaurant!

                              1. re: EaterBob

                                Ha! Ha! Don't worry, I would of found it sooner or later! ;-D

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                                  With such a buildup I couldn't resist taking to the Googles. ;-)

                                2. re: kpzoo

                                  Isn't it Amigo 168? which should have some saving graces...

                                  1. re: porker

                                    It's a fine restaurant. Their salt and pepper pork chops are the best in town.

                      1. re: Har_Gow_Freak

                        Named after the owners Canadian born son.