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Mar 24, 2012 01:42 PM

$5 meal?

Where does one find a good meal in Toronto with $5 and a metropass?

___(name of dish)___ at ____(restaurant name and address)____

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    1. re: Luvtooeat

      Not necessarily! I had a charbroiled 8 0z burger with all the trimming at ' Esquire steak and Grill ' for only $4.55!! Much better than Burger King! Great fries too if you can dish out a couple more bucks! Address is SE corner of Sheppard and Vic Park.

    2. You could get TWO Viet Subs in China town for $5 (spadina or broadview)... Broadview I would go to Roses, on Spadina there are a few options but I usually stick with the two just north of dundas on the west side...

      Also speaking of Chinatown I'm sure King's Noodle has a $5 plate.

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      1. re: flying101

        I know King's has noodle specials for about $3.50 ... and it'd be like wonton, or brisket... depending on the day.

        Yes, banh mi as well, in Chinatown - I go to Nuygen Hong... $2.50 for one, I think?

        1. re: jennjen18

          Yeah if you like congee you can get that plus the fried dough stick for $4.50+tax and tip I believe @ king noodle + probably other places

      2. Lunch special(Jerk Chicken+Rice) at tasty's carribean takeout 4 elm street (Dundas Subway)

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        1. re: garfield

          How does it compare to Ritz Caribbean just south on Yonge?

          1. re: julesrules

            The portions are smaller, but I prefer Tasty's . the chicken is moist and flavorful. For 3.99 +tax you get chicken and rice. 50 cents extra for coleslaw.

        2. Gale's Snack Bar, a diner at 539 Eastern Ave. Fish and chips $3.25. Club sandwich $2.50. Have one of those, then splurge on a 60 cent coffee. Insanity.

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          1. re: Gary

            that place scares me. i drive by and swear that its condemned.
            was thinking last week "i'd love to buy that space and open a resto in it"

          2. Chicken Baguette at Ginger, 546 Church St. - $4.


            2 minute walk from Wellesley subway station on Yonge subway line.