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Mar 24, 2012 01:34 PM

the ever popular "how's this itinerary look" post

I will be in NOLA in mid-April (between French Quarter Fest and Jazz Fest) with my sister & brother-in-law. For all intents and purposes, they have not been before. I have had probably a dozen times (only once post hurricane). We all are left coast folks, me in Seattle, them in California.

We all enjoy good food (who doesn't really) and will want to mix higher end with budget eating. I would like to go to Casamento's and Commander's Palace since I haven't made it to either of them previously. Other than that, I'm just going for a broad range of southern/NOLA eats and mostly places I haven't tried. I am also trying to only plan for two meals a day so we have a little sense of spontaneity.

We are staying in Faubourg Marigny, won't have a car, but are comfortable walking a lot and using public transport.

Here's the tentative plan:

Arrive Tuesday afternoon, so thinking an early dinner at Irene's. My trip to two years ago I had a fish dish at Irene's that was so good it brought tears to my eyes. Perhaps in sympathy for my hardening arteries since a lot of butter was involved. We will be joined by another couple this evening only.

lunch - Casamento's
dinner - Frankie & Johnny's?

early lunch - Commander's Palace
dinner - Three Muses for small plates & music

breakfast - The Old Coffee Pot? Cake Cake Cafe?
dinner - happy hour at Luke

brunch - cooking class at Crescent City Cooks?
dinner - Herbsaint? Brigtsen's?

brunch - Elizabeth's (had my first addictive Corpse Reviver here 2 years ago)
dinner - Green Goddess

Monday - fly out in the early afternoon
breakfast - Stanley?
food for plane from Cochon?


Thanks so much for any input. I've spent hours reading this and other boards and really enjoy the opinions and information.

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  1. Someone just posted a review from a visit last week or the week before and said Cafe Atchafalaya was the best meal they had in the 5 or so days they were there. We also had a great meal there in December at our Christmas visit. I can't wait to get back there. You might want to check it out.

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    1. re: texasredtop

      That was me, here:
      I had heard that Cafe Atchafalaya had had its ups and downs before, but our meal here a week ago (open on Sundays!) was spectacular.
      Although it was around 6 years ago, my last visit to Frankie and Johnny's ( a favorite in the 70's) was so bad I haven't been back. Conversations on this trip confirmed that my local friends felt the same. Charlie's Sea Food in Harahan (owned by Frank Brigtsen) does the same sorts of things better.
      Definitely plane food from Cochon Butcher, the charcuterie and deli behind the restaurant ( Great sandwiches and salads. Call and order before you go, as everything is made to order and it can get quite busy.

      1. re: gumbolox

        Simple advice for the Butcher: Look at what the day's sandwich specials are, then order one of each.

    2. You might as well make a day Uptown on Wednesday. Take the St. Charles streetcar to Casamento's. After lunch visit the neat shops on Magazine in that area. Stay for dinner at F&J's. Take the Magazine bus back. Go to Red Gravy or Camellia Grill for breakfast. Elizabeth's is fine too. Go to Herbsaint. If you go to Brigtsen's that's another long ride Uptown. Bayona and Galatoire's are a lot of fun. Enjoy your trip.

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      1. re: Littleman

        That makes sense. We are doing a tour Wednesday morning and planning on spending the day around Magazine street after. What do you think of Frankie & Johnny's? It sounds like it has gone downhill. Would there be a better option in that neighborhood for dinner?

        1. re: Leanne_D

          Where's Frankie & Johnny's? I haven't heard of it. In the Magazine Street area there are MANY awesome places to eat. Around Washington: Coquette, hands down. Around Louisiana: Atchafalaya. Around Napoleon: La Petite Grocery or Magasin. You've also got Bistro Daisy, Lillette, (and Boulingny, a cocktail bar attached), Salu, Appoline, Mahoney's, Guy's Poboys, Martinique Bistro...

          1. re: Leanne_D

            Dinner: Coquette, riverside corner of Magazine/Washington.

            1. re: JazzyB

              I'll second Coquette. Had a wonderful meal there two weeks ago. Wonderful oysters and a nice filet of drum. Had kids with us and they made a hanger steak (wish it was on my menu) and fries. Call ahead, not many tables on the 2 floors.

        2. I would strike The Old Coffee Pot from that list. I went there at the end of 2011. I had been looking forward to it for a while. The food was terrible and cold. The pancakes that my companion had were very dry and the fancy egg dish I had was bland and overcooked. I have heard very good things about Cake Cafe, though. My friends ate there the last time we were in NOLA and they really enjoyed it.

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            The pystes/drinks at Luke's HH are good, but I wouldn't count on that veing dinner. We often go to Luke for our oysters/cocktails as our appetizer then walk over to Domenica dinner. Get there around 5:30 and you'll have time to take advantage of 1/2 price pizzas, well drinks, wine and beer. Although this is a HH double header, it usually runs us around $100 including tips at both venues. That being said, my husband is a very generous tipper so it should run you less.