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Mar 24, 2012 12:55 PM

Fort Myers & Captiva/Sanibel: BEST ice cream, soup, Indian, Middle Eastern, and any other "no chew" food

We are headed to Ft Myers and Captiva for a week while I am in the midst of a jaw issue that has me on a "no chewing" food restriction.

I can eat (and drink) things like ice cream, smoothies, soup, pureed anything, some flaky fish, and really well-cooked food like indian spinach or lentils, hummus. Also avocado, peanut butter...

No meat or noodles, at least not the way any restaurant would serve them.

This really stinks for a chowhound on vacation.

Any suggestions for places to go for really EXCELLENT versions of any of the approved foods? Even if it is one particular dish at a particular restaurant that you would recommend...

We'll be staying at South Seas resort for part of the time.

Thanks for any help you can provide on this crazy request :)

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  1. thats a hard enough area for any kind of good food, kfc mashed taters and gravy and a couple of good milkshakes would make a good dinner to me

    1. Best Ice Cream (anywhere) is Love Boat Ice Cream on San Carlos Blvd, South Ft Myers pretty close to the Sanibel Causeway. Buy it in in quarts before you go over the causeway because at 6 dollars a trip for bridge toll the drive gets a little pricey.

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        I second the Love's. Small little stand alone shop that has been there for years.

        For healthy organic smoothies, try Ada's juice bar on 41 & Colonial in a mall with Joanne's Fabrics. They also have a variety of peanut, cashew and almond butters. You may also be able to pick up some tofu ice cream there to boost your protein level.

      2. Since Sanibel is bad food land, you won't miss much. Pinnochio's ice cream is the only really good thing to eat. There is also a decent cheese booth at the Sunday farmers market with quark, homemade yogurt and perhaps some other very soft cheese.

        1. Ethnic restaurants and Captiva are never mentioned in the same sentence.

          do you do fresh oysters? Lazy Flamingo has excellent Apalachicola ones. No chewing involved, just slide them down. Wine there is really dismal. Mainly a beer place.

          There are a couple of excellent chef operated restaurants that might cook something special for you.

          I'd try Sunset Grill. They could probably do a puree for you. Good restaurants will try to accommodate special needs. Another one to try is Sunshine Seafood which is quite close to South Seas. Most of the places on Andy Rosse Ln are pure dreck anymore.

          Places mentioned in prior posts are about 90 min. from Captiva given season traffic. Not too bad this week but going into least that amount of time.

          Before going on island, you might stop at the Norman Love new gelato place on Daniels near the Jet Blue baseball park. If I were in your shoes, I'd get several pints and have at it. LMF