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Mar 24, 2012 12:55 PM

Pizza and wings in Chantilly

My wife is from upstate New York and has grown up eating wings with her pizza. Is there anyplace nearby that makes acceptable versions of both? They don't need to deliver, but it I can't find anyplace that does a good job of both. Any ideas?

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  1. We order Mangino's pizza at work all the time, and most people really like it. I haven't personally eaten the wings, but one coworker loves them (he's a bit of a human vacuum cleaner though). Worth a try.

    Other places we've ordered from that have both were King's Bite and Paisano's. I like the Mangino pizza just a little bit better, but people generally like the pizza from both other places and the wings looked and smelled pretty good when there's been an order from there.

    None of these places makes the best pizza I've ever had, but they are all reasonably good (at least when I'm starving at lunch time).

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      thanks FFS. Appreciate the feedback

      1. re: DCRandy

        No problem!

        One other place came to mind -- Santini's NY Deli. They have pizza and wings. I haven't personally tried either, but the pizzas looked pretty good when we were in there recently and the wings smell good.

        1. re: ForFoodsSake

          I like Santini's, but their wings are awful, breaded messes. The pizza is good, but the sandwiches, imo, are what to get (the chicken philly being my go-to there).

          1. re: Dennis S

            Good to know -- I always get a sandwich or chili and the onion rings!

    2. You may want to try Bungalow. IMO, they are the best and most consistent wings in the area (general Buffalo style wings, that is). You should get the 3 mile island sauce on the side.

      They have pizza, but I haven't ever had any of it.