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Mar 24, 2012 12:35 PM


What a heading right? Well, my mother was visiting from Vancouver back in Oct and happened to go to Chinatown and decided to buy half a barbecued duck to bring home. She said, "make sure you watch them when they cut up your take away duck because they will steal some of the meat if you don't watch them." I am sure you can tell I am Chinese with a true blue Chinese Mom! Well, I had a good laugh at the time. Having lived here for the past 2 years and never encountering this problem before I was totally shocked to say that it happened today. And of all places from Gold Mine in Bayswater which is reputed to make the best Chinese barbecued duck in London. I am just past 50 so have eaten plenty of duck over the years. I like to take the duck home on the bone as I like to use the bones to make some stock for noodles. As a nice gesture for my "Gwai Lo" husband i decided to take the meat off the bone for him. Well, that is when I realized that they had "tao jau de youk" basically, stollen some meat.
I am totally disgusted. To charge 10 pounds for half a duck and then to take away some of the choicest pieces of meat (and for those of you in the know, you know there are only a few choice pieces on a duck with one being the drum). When that piece is missing you know you have been ripped off! And a duck breast cut chinese style has at least 5 pieces not 3! No I will not bother calling the restaurant, what would be the point. But be warned. A shame, their duck is good but I will never go back! Has anyone ever run into this before? If they tried this in Vancouver, they would be out of business pretty darn quick just through word of mouth.

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  1. I'm just impressed that you can get half a duck for £10. It's £14.50 at my local takeaway.

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      Chinatown is less and I would only ever buy duck from a place where I can see them hanging. I do not live near any Asian takeaways and it is always a journey to purchase one. Hope yours is well worth it.

      1. re: expatfoodie

        Nom frankly, it isn't worth it. I won't pay nearly fifteeen quid for half a duck.

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          Are the ones sold by Marks&Spencer or the supermarkets very different than the ones sold by Chinatown shops?

          1. re: zuriga1

            Yes, there is a huge difference. No comparison, real barbecued duck from Chinese shops is far superior in flavour, authentic and of course made fresh daily. Best eaten within a few hours of purchase. You have no idea where and when the M&S one was made and by the time you reheat the thing it would be dried out. To be fair though, M&S frozen duck spring rolls that you toss in the oven to heat up are pretty flavourful but it is not the same as eating fresh bbq duck.

            1. re: expatfoodie

              Thanks... I am salivating and need a fix soon. :-)

      2. The original comment has been removed