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Mar 24, 2012 12:34 PM

Asian Seafood Market in Boulder

My memory of this place from many years ago - the little hole-in-the-wall at Valmont and 28th, next to Agave and Jimmy & Drew's Deli - was of dank, scary place with unfriendly owners and expired bottles leaking on the shelves. I revisited it recently and...

WOW. They've really cleaned the place up, stocked it well, and gotten much friendlier. The Kim Chi they sell is the best I've had in the area (Houston Calco brand). Their house-pickled vegetables (mustard root and carrot/daikon) taste fresh and are excellent for making dan dan noodles or banh mi. They sell many varieties of dried and frozen noodles, including several types of the thick, chewy udons that might be my favorite in the universe. And they even had frozen banana leaves (which I bought to make cochinita pibil in my slow cooker, hardly an Asian specialty).

If you haven't been in a while, it's definitely worth a visit. They don't have the selection of Pacific Ocean Seafood Market, but if you live in Boulder and want to shop in town, it's a great option.

(Sadly, I can't say the same about Jimmy & Drew's Deli next door. Their descent from authentic Jewish deli continues; today I stopped in to grab a potato knish, and they're no longer selling them - in fact, the entire deli case with Jewish deli standards like whitefish salad and chopped liver is gone. The menu seems to be slowly morphing into generic Boulder sandwich shop, which is very sad.)

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  1. Thanks monopod. i don't live in CO but i might in the future and need Asian food on a constant basis so it's good to know. i stalked some Japanese girls on the mall and that's where they told me to go as well. what do you think of Pacific Mercantile in Denver? Have you been there? i was told I could get sushi grade fish there...

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      Pacific Merc (in Denver) and the Pacific Ocean Market (in Broomfield, between Boulder and Denver) are both much bigger, more like supermarkets. The one in Boulder is more like a small ethnic specialty market. So, they serve different purposes, but all are great resources.

      You can actually get sushi-grade fish at a lot of places around here. The big Whole Foods and Alfalfa's in Boulder reliably carry sashimi-grade salmon and tuna, as well as sushi specialties like broiled unagi. Pacific Ocean Market in Broomfield also sells a variety of sashimi fish, and I'm sure the markets in Denver carry it too. I don't know that they'll have more esoteric offerings like mackerel, but you can at least cover the basics.