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Mar 24, 2012 12:29 PM

Your take between Morton's SJ, or Forbes Mill in LG

Rainy day and husband & I are in the mood for an awesome bone-in ribeye dinner. Equally important to me are the side dishes. Just browsing at their menus it looks like Morton's is the more traditional of the two. On Yelp Forbes had an edge on the food, but service suffered. Being in the food biz myself I believe that I can pretty much coax sufficient service so it's not a deciding factor for me. BTW I know about Alexander's but they're booked. TIA.

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  1. What did you decide and how was it?

    1. The last time i went to Morton's was the last time I will ever go to Morton's! Simply put, bad food, poorly presented and crap service. One of the worst dining experiences I have had. This was a year before the notorious, 'no star" review.

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        Yes, Bauer's "no star" review of Morton's in San Francisco.

        I've not been to Morton's in SJ nor Forbes Mill, and there's not much said about them here, so I asked.