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Mar 24, 2012 12:11 PM

What to do with beets & beet greens????

I just harvested my garden beets (first time growing them). They are beautiful. Usually, I roast them & use in salads or just to eat. I have quiet a few, so I'm looking for other ideas.

Usually, I don't eat beet greens as I find them too tough & bitter, but these greens are so bitterness at all...a little punch, but no bitterness. What can I do with them?


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  1. This is an amazing beet greens recipe. Sometimes I also sprinkle toasted pine nuts or chopped pistachios on top to really gild the lily.

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    1. re: GretchenS

      Oh Wow!!! Can't wait to try this. I bet pistachios on top is great.

    2. Have you read through the "Help My Family Love Beets" thread?

      I love beet greens. I usually fry 2-3 slices bacon, leaving about 1 T. grease in the pan. Saute some chopped garlic in the bacon grease just until I smell it, then add greens (sliced about 1" wide), add a little chicken stock, and stir/toss until wilted and most of the stock is cooked down. Serve with chopped bacon. Also good and more virtuous to forgo the bacon and use olive oil.

      Since you don't normally eat the greens and you have a lot anyway, I probably can't talk you into cooking the stems. I almost always do when I buy a bunch at the store to bulk up the amount. Hubby and I devour a bunch and always want more. They are quite good too. I slice them into about 1/2" pieces. Just before adding the greens to the pan, I add the stems with enough stock to cover the bottom of the pan plus a little more. When the stock is almost completely cooked down, I add the greens and stir until wilted down.

      Enjoy your bounty. I am jealous. I need to plant some.

      1. Beet ravioli with poppy seed/browned butter. Yum. Google it, there are lots of recipes out there.

        We're still snow-covered here, I'm jealous. The greens are best young - we eat the thinnings right up until the beets themselves are ready.

        If I had tons of beet greens right now I'd make some homemade oricchiette, cook it in the water that I cooked the chopped greens in. (Add a bit of kale/chard/turnip greens/etc. if you don't have enough beet greens...takes tons.) Then melt a few anchovy filets in olive oil, with lots of garlic and some red pepper, add the cooked, strained/pressed/fluffed greens and the oricchiette, a little of the pasta water if it's dry, and serve with parmesan. Oh lord, that sounds good. Where the heck is spring?

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          That's dinner tomorrow night. I do have tons of greens!!!

        2. I just saw an episode of diners, driver ins and dives where this place made fantastic beet sliders, they cooked beets in a similar bath as pastrami, then when cooked, sliced them 1/2 inch thick, green goodess dressing on the bun w/ pickeled red onion. grilled the beet on both side (hot/fast). I can't wait to try.....

          1. As for the beet greens Alton brown has a recipe in the food network site for a gratin that sounds tasty. Another way to use the beets besides the roasting treatment is to grate them raw for a salad - a little messy but yum! As others have said - I'm jealous :) I'd love to hear about any creative ideas you try