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Mar 24, 2012 12:09 PM

Need immediate advice on roasting at two different things at same temp

Hi, I have a pork shoulder in the oven at 325, needs another two hours. I want to roast some peeled, cut japanese sweet potatoes, but they should really be roasted at a higher temp. I don't want to wait until the roast is out because I won't have enough time. Will I ruin them if I start them at the 325 and then kick it up for another 15 mins or so when the roast is out?

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  1. Nope. I do it all the time. If anything, I think it improves the final product.

    1. That's fine. You may not even need to do the final roasting at a higher temp, as long as the potatoes are in there long enough. Whenever I have my oven on, I try to remember to toss in a coupld of potatoes to bake, regardless of temp. They always turn out fine, no matter the temp.
      I HAVE learned the hard way, though, not to bake sweet and savory items at the same time. I had an apple crisp that picked up onion and garlic notes from the meat I was roasting below it.