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Mar 24, 2012 12:05 PM

Who makes the best oatmeal?

I'm not an oatmeal person, but a friend visiting from New Jersey is. We usually go to Hi-Rise for breakfast for their oatmeal, but I'm wondering if there's another place I can suggest that is at least as good.

Searching the board, it sounds like Johnny D's has good oatmeal, but I've never been there before. Is it still good? Will a non-oatmeal person (me!) be happy with brunch there too? Is the live music nice, or does it make conversation impossible?

We'd need a place that's open around 9 AM on Sunday, but location is not important.

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  1. Haven't been to Johnny D's in a while, but I've always been happy with their brunches. Oatmeal is delicious -- comes with cream, raisins and brown sugar, IIRC, and you add what you like. Brunch offerings are well executed.

    1. I just want to recommend a delicious recipe for your friend. It's baked pumpkin oatmeal. I found it on the delicious dishings blog. Just fabulous!

      1. Johnny D's oatmeal is good, but even though it comes automatically with certain things, I always skip it because it's nothing special, nothing you couldn't easily make at home. So if there's something extra special about the Hi-Rise version, you might want to stick with that. I like the brunch at Johnny D's. It's simple, standard breakfast fare done well. I usually get omelets and pancakes and they're very good.

        I go late, after the music has stopped, so don't know how loud it gets, but the musicians are at one end of the room, so if you ask to be seated at the opposite end, I think it would be fine. It's a pretty large room, but has a cozy, homey feel.

        1. I live a block from Hi-Rise, and both my sister and sister-in-law swear by their oatmeal. But when my cousin from out of town went there and saw the price, she came back here for some Trader Joe's granola!