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Mar 24, 2012 11:57 AM

St. Catharines -- Rise Above Bakery and Cafe

Thanks to another thread started by ylsf, DH and I made our way here for lunch today since we were in the area. This is a really charming spot -- high ceilings with painted tin ceilings, exposed brick wall. All the offerings are vegan, and both DH and I really enjoyed our lunches. He had the grilled "cheese", served with a cup of tasty lentil soup and a fresh, crisp salad. The grilled cheese, despite being made with soy cheese, was one of the better versions I've had in a long time, thanks primarily to the truly awesome homemade bread it was made with. I had the chili and cheese enchilada. Turns out it was really a grilled burrito and not an enchilada, but it was still quite tasty and very hearty. Also served with that simple salad (crisp romaine, some radicchio, oil and vinegar). Very nice.

The real treat were the doughnuts and baked goods. Really gorgeous stuff. The donuts had all sorts of fun, fabulous flavours. I had a chocolate glazed with coconut -- it tasted like a good yeast doughnut topped with a Mounds bar. I also picked up a cookies and cream doughnut, a cinnamon bun bread pudding and a mini cherry pie.

If you're ever in St. Catharine's, drop in and give these guys some love. In Toronto, Sadie's Diner carries some of their doughnuts and baked goods.

120 St. Paul St.
St. Catharines

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  1. Thanks for the tip. Dropped by Rise Above yesterday while we were in St Catherines and had a lovely lunch there. The chipotle red pepper tomato soup was fantastic and the cucumber strawberry salad with spiced nuts was refreshing. The chick pea curry was bland unfortunately, too mild and uninteresting. So we indulged in dessert instead. The cookies and cream donut was delicious as was the cinnamon bun. We enjoyed them so much, we brought home a box for later ;-)