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Mar 24, 2012 11:52 AM

Downtown Chicago April 7-9

Hey everyone, I'm heading to Chicago with my gf and it's her first time visiting. I've been there a few times in grad school but I mostly stuck to the same places. I'll be staying near the James Hotel on Ontario ( I think? ) and was wondering where I should take her to eat. I definitely want to take her to get a deep dish pizza, but are there any other ideas guys? Oh, and maybe a romantic dining spot as well ? Thanks!

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  1. For deep dish pizza you are near the birthplace of chicago style pizza - Pizzaria Uno 29 East Ohio or its sister restaurant Pizzeria Due which is across the street - this is not to be confused with the chain of Uno's Chicago Style pizza - this is the original. In addition close by you also have outlets for Lou Malnati;s and Pizzano;s both that are also excellent examples of Chicago style deep dish -

    I would recommend the Rick Bayless restaurants,

    1. In the immediate area, try Naha and Purple Pig. Also enjoyed Avec, Publican, and Blackbird. Topolobampo seemed bland to me but maybe I ordered the wrong things.

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        awesome, thanks a lot guys. I also wanted to ask if there was a decent place to get sushi around the area too. I've heard of friends sushi but nothing else besides that.

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          Friends is okay for sushi.
          Another possibility is the Oyster Bar at Shaw's Crab House. The sushi there is not terribly authentic but the fish is very fresh.

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              Sunda. It has sushi and other asian small plates. Really good food and fun atmosphere. You can make reserv on Open Table

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                I forgot about Sunda. That is a great rec.

          1. Near the James you are also very near Lawry's (special for roast beef) and Heaven on Seven (Cajun). For spring visitors who may not know this already, if you google Chicago Restaurant Menus you will go to a website that shows the actual current menus of 3000 Chicago restaurants, very useful for reviewing selection and price. They are grouped by ethnicity or neighborhood. The neighborhood around the James will be called either Near North or Gold Coast or Magnificent Mile, but Streeterville and River North are very close.